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10 ideas to bring the hall to life

The corridor, that narrow and elongated space that extends throughout your house to access the different rooms. What do we do with him? In my case, the hallway of my house is the first thing you see as soon as you enter through the door and the truth is that it needs a turn … What if we see a few together ideas to decorate the hall? At the end of the post you can tell me what you think is the idea that best fits me.

1. Coated panel

The idea of ​​covering the walls seems to me the most, and if it is wood, I already declare myself real lover. This idea is a bit high expense, but if you want an original decoration, do not discard this idea for your hall.

Wooden panels to cover the walls of the house corridor

2. Black doors

If you like the minimalist concept of less is more, then you will like this idea. Choose to leave the walls a pure white and contrast with the color of the doors. Flee from wood to make way for blacks and whites. This idea is very economical since you only have to paint the doors of the rooms of the same color.

Hallway decoration with white walls and black doors minimalist style

3. Long carpet

The option of placing a long carpet that covers the floor of the corridor is always a success. It will bring that feeling of warmth and home that we like so much.

Long blue rug with Persian motifs

4. Illuminate the hallway with LED lights

If you want something different to decorate the hall, opt for LED lighting. This time I propose to use some LED strips to create frames at different heights of the corridor. How about?

Aisle decoration with led strips

5. Decorate the walls with straw hats

This idea is great for a slightly wider aisle. You can place a “rest” space with a wooden bench and decorate it with a straw hat border. I love!

Wall decoration with straw hats on a rope

6. Spoon border

I think this idea is very interesting for a Narrow corridor where not many items fit. Opt for a homemade border, this for example is a sculpture by Joshua Vogel in which they have chosen some old wooden spoons.

Spoon sculpture to decorate the house corridor

7. Wall decoration with paintings

Without doubt one of the most classic ideas when decorating the hall is to opt for a great collage of frames with pictures and illustrations of different colors. Something simple, beautiful, and economical.

Decorated corridor with wooden beams on the ceiling, praised Persian carpet and picture frames with illustrations

8. Decorate the hall with wallpaper

The corridors that have a wall at the end are perfect for this photo idea. If, like me, you love wallpaper, then write down this idea. Place a pretty wallpaper with floral and colorful patterns on the back wall. The result is beautiful!

Decorate the hallway with white background wallpaper and colorful wildflowers

9. DIY hall

Undoubtedly another of my favorites to decorate the hall, is this DIY idea. They have reused a wooden door by painting it with chalk paint to put some mirrors. They have also used some wooden boxes to paint them with pastel colors and make a bookcase for books and magazines. All that accompanied by a good wicker lamp. It is the perfect combination!

DIY decoration with pastel wooden boxes and wicker lamp

10. Shelves in the hall

For those of you who have wide aisles and need some more storage space, you can choose to create shelves in the hall where you can place books and pictures.

Shelves for storing books and decorating long corridors

I hope these ideas can help you decorate the hallway of your homes and make it a little more beautiful and useful. And you, how have you decorated the hallway of your house? And now yes, what do you think is my favorite idea? I read you in comments😘

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