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16 Rustic bedrooms photos and decoration tips

Rustic bedrooms

The bedroom decoration responds to a wide variety of tastes. There are many trends and one of those that is usually well known and ideal for environments of country houses, is the rustic. But this style can also be taken to homes in the city. We show you below, some ideas to decorate rustic bedrooms.

As the name implies, rustic meets a definition of rural and wild, which in the case of the decoration of bedrooms as other environments, aims to recreate the natural and rugged environment of the countryside.

Colors in rustic bedrooms

It is, as far as possible, to use earthy colors, reddish or dark green, colors that can be found in nature.

With this decoration, the “raw” colors and “earth” colors are used, which are the best results such as brown, beige and white.

The country style has that country rusticity for which many of us have weakness. A good combination of blue and white surrounded by a bedroom based on wood in light colors can be a very good option when decorating the room.


Materials are also important in rustic bedrooms, as is the use of natural wood, although in recent years imitation wood has been used, and metals, which some, in their purest and coarsest color, contribute to the appearance what you want to achieve.

Who has never dreamed of vacations in the Swiss Alps in a room like this? The overall combination makes it unique, because each part is unique, its door, the texture of the walls, the luminaire, the curtains, decoration and the bed.

The walls in exposed brick, is a typical modality of the rustic style, as well as those covered with wood. The furniture is combined according to the wall against which it is placed, to highlight the contrasts of textures and colors.

Ideal is to decorate the rustic bedroom taking advantage if it is being renovated, the beams in the ceiling, the exposure of the window frames and the rough or “real” surfaces of the brick walls and others. Ideas? Here we give you some to have a beautiful decoration.

Nothing better than a wall of natural logs, accompanied by a warm wooden floor, with natural wool carpets and a bed in wrought iron, making tone, with bedding, hand-woven, with the best style of the Indians American people.

A very attractive trend, comes from covering a wall with wood, although the idea is that they are of different origins and colors, to change the tonalities and textures.

The wooden beds are something that has existed since always and for something they still do it, with only a few modifications in the designs. They are noble, elegant, can be ordered to measure and also, are the basis of the setting in wood, and then continue with the light table, furniture, shelves, drawers and ornaments carved by hand.

Do not believe that everything must be perfectly defined; There are many accessories that can be made in wood, which can have its rustic side, through asymmetries, natural designs and wrought iron accompaniments, such as a coat rack or the base of a lamp.

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