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The stylized design of motorcycles has always been a point of excellence in the automotive sector. Although associated with their main use, namely transport, motorcycles can have a very interesting decorative function. In this article, we explain how to recycle an old bike to make it a decorative resource.

The old bikes are very popular. So much so that the old models continue to be reproduced, while the original ones are considered expensive collector’s items.

Therefore, having an old bike in good condition is the dream of many. However, even if it is not working, we can transforming many of its components into new decorative resources.

Perhaps it will seem too bold an idea; but be aware that most of the bikes are made with truly refined design elements. They can be transformed into elements with great decorative potential. Therefore, take a look at our creative ideas for recycle an old motorcycle and transform it into a design object for the home.

Recycle an old bike: from the tire to the mirror

Motorcycle tire mirror

The wheels of the bike are elements with great potential to recycle them in new projects. The rounded shape is of great visual impact. Starting from it, we can realize an infinity of new creations. One of the simplest is to transform an old wheel into a truly original mirror.

To give life to this project, you can use an old tire from our bike or contact a spare parts or auto-demolition center. Fortunately, we have a wide range of wheels available depending on the motorcycle model, to be able to choose the one that best suits our tastes.

It is not necessary to get rid of an old motorcycle; can still have a purpose.

A very fast bookend

Bookends made with motorcycle parts

This DIY object is perfect for lovers of speed and reading. If you are a motor enthusiast, you will surely enjoy having a bookends made with old motorcycle parts. For the realization of this element you need the following materials:

  • Two wooden tablets of 15 x 15 centimeters.
  • Universal glue
  • Black paint (optional).
  • Spare parts of a motorcycle; you can also use parts like the disc brake or the pinion. You can retrieve these parts in any repair shop and auto-motorcycle parts store.

The assembly of this bookend is really simple; simply glue the L-shaped wooden boards, creating a 90 ° angle. Once dry, you can paint with black paint to bring out the parts of the bike.

Finally, mount the pieces on the “L” of newly created wood. The final result will certainly be very original, perfect for giving a vintage and industrial touch to your bookcase.

Recycle an old motorcycle: lamp from a shock absorber

Shock absorber lamp

Motorcycle shock absorbers they are pieces of great beauty for their design. This element is used for the bike to give it stability and cushion the vibration problems often present in large models.

The spiral that surrounds this cylindrical piece gives it great dynamism and a decidedly modern touch. Indeed it is a very useful resource in the decoration of domestic environments.

One of the ways to recycle this piece is to turn it into a table lamp. We can take advantage of the cylindrical shape of the shock absorber and use it as a lamp holder.

There are various types of shock absorbers on the market; so, we will surely find the right piece for the type of lamp we want to create.

Furthermore, if we want to strengthen the motorcycle aesthetics of our lamp, we can also add other pieces, such as a disc brake or a rim of the bike for the base.

A planter with lots of personality

Planter with spare parts

Do you have an old bike that only serves to accumulate dust in the garage? Why not recycle it as a garden decoration? A slightly daring way to decorate the terrace or garden is to insert an original planter made with the front of a motorcycle.

Perhaps the idea of ​​using a motorcycle as a garden decoration will seem a bit crazy; however, remember that the Vespa style has become a landmark of design and vintage spirit. Similarly, we can recycle the front of a motorcycle and turn it into a beautiful support for our plants.

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