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4 DIY textile art to decorate your walls

Today we are going to talk about one of the latest trends to decorate walls: the textile art. That is, pieces made with textiles in order to decorate. If you get tired of photographs or paintings to decorate your walls, do not lose detail. We will see four different models of textile art and, what is even better, how make them yourself.

4 DIY to make textile art

DIY for textile art with pom poms

The first of the tutorials that we are going to see is really simple and you will get amazing results. Using pompoms allows us to make combinations of colors unthinkable with another type of decoration. We will use this complement to bring freshness and color to our house.

To perform the first of the crafts you will need:

Within the Brit + co tutorial you have more variants to hang, so not only will you have pom poms in your composition.

DIY with cardboard loom

The second of the tutorials is with a loom Very economical, fast and simple to build. Thanks to this homemade loom, you can work with fabrics more easily and use them to decorate every corner of your home.

To carry out this DIY, you will only need:

  • A carton.
  • Rope.
  • Thread and wool.
  • Pom pom maker
  • Scissors, ruler and marker.

You will see how simple it is to give your walls a special and original touch.

Would you rather decorate your walls with flora and fauna?

DIY to dye textiles

Many times we have fabrics at home that we do not use. They are usually accumulated by leftovers from other DIY or remnants of patches and fixtures. We will take advantage of those scraps, dyeing them in our favorite colors.

Before starting to dye the fabrics, prepare the material. Then you just have to submerge the areas you want to get the perfect color. Remember to cover the entire work area but you want to dye more than desired …

DIY to weave textile art

In the last of our compilation of Tutorials to decorate the wall with textile art We bring you one with trick. To carry it out, we will use a chart or similar as support. We will also use a fork to secure the fabrics with each other and get them to be well organized. Have you ever used a fork to weave?

And so far our list of 4 tutorials to decorate with textile art. This type of decoration is increasingly common, we invite you to try it, you will surely love it.

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