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4 very original ideas

Do you want to bring the joy of nature indoors? Then these 4 ideas for decorating with flower petals are just right for you. Their use in the world of interior decoration is more and more fashionable, as it allows to give freshness and naturalness to the environments, in an easy and cheap way.

How can we use them? Among the different examples, we have floral arrangements, decorative plants, garlands, etc. However, we also propose an original alternative to recycle these flowers once they are dried.

Decorate with flower petals it’s a fun way to decorate rooms and bring a touch of delicacy and romance. Moreover, they are very easy to procure, since there are many specialized shops where you can buy them.

Finally, we can always recycle the withered flowers that we may already have at home. In this way, we will also save a lot of money.

Decorate with flower petals: 4 very original ideas

Dry petals

1. Wooden boxes decorated with petals

A really original idea is to decorate wooden boxes with petals. It is a very simple and easy activity, which can also be carried out with the little ones. For the execution we recommend the use of large petals, so as to completely cover the lid of the box.

The materials we will use are very easy to find; we just need some flower petals, some glue and an unfinished wooden box. These materials can be found in any fine art shop.

  • First of all, to dry the petals it will be enough to leave them in the sun for a day. In this way we will obtain the following result: petals in copper tones, which will give a nostalgic touch to our box.
  • Secondly, the next task is to make the decoration of the box lid. In this case we will have two alternatives: cover the whole with the petals randomly or, on the contrary, create a sort of design by composing the different types of petals.
  • Finally, apply a layer of clear varnish or vinyl glue to make the petals adhere and seal to the box. The result will be surprising.

2. Frames with flower petals

Frames with flower petals

It is one of the most artistic creations we can make. The first thing to do is to trace the design, combining shapes and colors of different types of petals, leaves and flowers.

The construction technique is very similar to that of collage, except that in this case the material comes from natural plants.

The most common designs are landscapes, although compositions of any subject can be created. This technique is also perfect for creating writings, such as names, for which it is very useful for decorating children’s rooms.

To make our compositions we will need the following materials:

  • Flower petals and leaves.
  • A white sheet to trace the design of the decoration.
  • A beautiful frame with glass, so that the petals remain firm.
  • A little creativity

3. Decorate with flower petals: garlands

Garlands of flower petals

This is definitely one of the most romantic activities, but also easier to do. It is a perfect decorative idea for the celebration of a special anniversary, such as a romantic dinner, a party or a wedding.

Making this garland is quick and easy. You will only need a needle and thread and many flower petals. When choosing the thread, be careful that it is not too big so that it can pass through the eye of the needle.

Depending on how thick you want the wreath, you will use more or less petals and you can also use different types to give it more movement.

You will also need to make sure that the petals you are going to use are fresh, otherwise, once you put them with a needle and thread you risk breaking them.

4. Centerpiece with floating candles

Petals and candles

Finally, our latest proposal is an idea to decorate the table in a romantic dinner. A very original centerpiece, composed of a floating candle and flower petals. We can make it with any transparent container that we find at home, even a round glass may be fine.

It is simply a question of filling the container with water, adding a few rose petals and finally laying a floating candle.

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