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6 tricks to turn your pool into another decorative element of the garden

These are the ideas and solutions to decorate your garden with a pool and get them to become another decorative element of your green space.

Thanks to BigMat we offer you this series of practical tips to get the most out of the fifth room of the home, the garden, and the pool. They are included in the BigMat summer brochure.

Strengthen the shadow zone

We cannot forget the traditional umbrellas. Another option is the “candles or shade canvases” If we choose this option and place them in a corner we can achieve a bohemian or Chill-Out effect that gives a different and personal touch to our pool.

If you don’t like green there are options

There are pavements that due to their format and non-slip are perfect to place around the pool. With a rough surface, non-slip effect, and a large format, we can cover many meters and the great advantage is that this solution is maintenance free and easily cleaned with a hose.

Pieces decorate and mark paths and edges

With decorative stones we can create zen or bohemian spaces to highlight the elegant lines of a space. In addition to piedas we can use blackboards or blocks to mount a path or a space delimited with our own style.

Install a large pergola or a candle

Wooden pergolas near the pool are a good idea to create a relaxing space in which to install furniture, sofas and hammocks. We can create a small shadow space where to spend the afternoon and an elegant area for the nights at the edge of the water. Another option is also a candle with good anchors.

Create your own paradise around your pool

You will spend hours in the pool, why not surround it with a magnificent garden that makes these moments more pleasant and comfortable. That if you take care that the plants that you put nearby do not release much leaf to avoid too much dirt in the water.

In addition, to create more intimate spaces, nothing better than a bamboo wall or a lattice with some vegetation. Varied vegetation fits around a pool: bamboo with a beautiful height, large bonsai in pots or a large hedge on one side.

We can go further and look for a totally exotic decoration around the pool, using in addition to planters, planters and pots, artificial stones, wooden sleepers and exotic plants.

The lighting will make your decorative space unique

Lighting is a very important visual decorative element and thanks to it any garden changes completely.

There are different options: spotlights, torches, beacons, etc.

A good idea is to place metal lanterns along the edge of the pool or at the corners, they add a special charm that invites relaxation and rest. We can also install bright LEDs throughout the pool.

The BigMat summer brochure includes all the necessary items to enjoy the outdoor spaces and the pool. It includes a wide range of prices, an optional service for the installation of selected products or very advantageous financing conditions. All the information is detailed throughout its 24 pages.

Among the elements that BigMat proposes to create a paradise around the pool, is the Teak Brown Colonial Beam for exterior pavement, imitation of flooring, non-slip, anti-ice, with high resistance to wear by sun rays and measures 100 x 20 x 4 cm But you have a multitude of options and solutions.

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