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A new philosophy of life

The mini houses are one trend in the United States (Tiny Houses) that promotes reducing the size of the houses to the maximum. This movement seems to respond to a need for reduce high housing costs and it becomes a new lifestyle. Below we show you the origin of the mini houses, what possibilities they have and why many people opt for them.

The origin of mini houses

The mini houses emerge as response to the high cost of housing conventional, especially in big cities. Mortgages, taxes, maintenance, repairs and high energy consumption have led to cheaper alternatives.

Little by little this new way of living It is being introduced in Europe and Latin America. The companies that market, design and build them are increasingly numerous.

The mini houses find their inspiration in the kyosho otakus Japanese With these minimal homes, projected with a careful design, it tries to solve the lack of space of the big Japanese cities.

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A new philosophy of life

With mini houses, alternatives to conventional solutions are sought. Minimalism and sustainability of resources mark this new concept of life.

Space needs must be minimized: mini houses usually have between 10 and 50 square meters. The content of the home (furniture, accessories) must limit yourself to the essential. The inhabitant of a mini house must be in tune with the Konmar methodi: discard the secondary and keep only the essential.

Maximum functionality and efficiency

The spaces are designed so that they are sufficiently flexible to allow a comfortable life inside. The small size of the mini houses does not imply that it is due give up your comfort or in the quality of space. Furniture and construction elements usually have a double objective and with them several different functions are performed.

Lift bed to gain space

Usually incorporate technological advances They make it easy to save and maximize space. An example of this is this in which the bed that moves up and down on a motorized platform. The bedroom space is in a living room at the press of a switch. The mini house is 8.5 meters long and has a total area of ​​32 square meters.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Usually the design of the mini houses has as reference the philosophy of almost zero energy consumption buildings (nZEB). Its design and construction is carried out so that during its useful life they hardly consume any type of polluting energy. For this, the following are used:

  • Solar panels and panels to generate electricity and hot water.
  • Recycling systems Y water consumption regulation.
  • Preferably recycled materials that cause minimal environmental impact.

Mobility in contact with nature

One of the usual characteristics of mini houses is that they are easily transportable. They can change their location with relative ease. They are the perfect solution for people who don’t like to anchor to one place. It is common for mini houses to be built on a chassis with trailer wheels or caravans. This ability to move makes a mini house Offer a freedom that a conventional house can offer.

Made with 2D printer in just two hours

The mini houses adds to the latest technologies to save costs and execution times. An example is this elegant mini house built in Austin, Texas by ICON 3D. This house was built directly on site in just 48 hours. This elegant mini house has an area of ​​about 35 square meters and cost about € 15,000.

Modular house that expands

The company china WZH Group has developed a prefabricated modular housing from a container of about 20 m2. It is a mini house that, thanks to a hydraulic system, expands or folds almost as if it were an accordion. The mini house offers a wide variety of option settings so that your owners can customize it to your liking. The house includes a solar and wind power generation system and costs around € 20,000.

In Spain, the Asturian company Ladies house offers several models of mini mobile homes of wood. They offer models that range from about 25 to about 50 square meters depending on customer needs. Its price starts from about € 25,000 being fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, microwave, LED TV, etc.

For all these reasons, a large number of people have joined this ideology, since in addition to spending much less, reduce their ecological footprint and have more freedom to move and change cities. Do you join this trend?

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