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Aged effect on wood: how to get it?

To get a style vintage or rustic, we can use the techniques that allow us to transform the furniture making them compatible with the rest of the furniture. There is no need to spend a lot of money, you can do it very well yourself at home. In this article, we will give you some tips to get an aged effect on the wood and reuse the furniture you have at home.

What is wood pickling?

Pickling technique on wooden furniture

Even if you have difficulty believing it, the world of furnishing and decoration manages to use all kinds of objects, even those in very bad conditions. The furniture that was previously thrown away is now used in more rooms chic and appear as valuable pieces in furniture magazines.

Despite having furniture in good condition, we spend money to make it look old. The pickling on the wood allows to remove the superficial layers and to obtain an aged effect. A chair, a table, a box, a tray or a door, through various techniques, can take on an ancient appearance.

How to get an aged effect on the wood

If you want to create an atmosphere vintage, there is no need to wait for furniture to age as time goes by. You can use pickling techniques (such as sanding and painting) to simulate their state of preservation.

1. With vinegar and water

Aged effect with water and vinegar

It is a good method that does not produce the typical dust caused by sanding. Furthermore, it is not necessary to exert much force on the wood. You will need white vinegar, water, cotton cloth and paint. Start by painting with the color you prefer the surface you intend to pickle and leave to dry. Mix water and vinegar in equal parts and soak the cotton cloth. Rub the surface so that the paint on the affected part begins to thin until you can see the wood.

2. With sponge and wax

Sand the table with a sponge and wax

There is another option to pickle the wood and give it an aged effect. It is known as the technique shabby chic and it is very simple to perform. You will need sandpaper and it does not require many work sessions.

The other materials used are: acrylic paint, a brush or a sponge and colorless wax.

Paint the wooden cabinet and, once it is completely dry, apply the colorless wax with a brush or sponge. Sand the areas you intend to pickle gently. Finally, give a coat of clear varnish to make the painted parts last longer.

3. With Vaseline for an aged effect

Vaseline spoon

For large furniture like a table, this is the best technique. In a short time you will get the desired effect. You will need solid vaseline, a cotton cloth and some paint.

Pass the vaseline (with a brush or fingers) where you want to get the aged effect. Leave to dry and apply a generous coat of paint. After two or three hours rub the cotton cloth in the areas where you passed the vaseline and you will see that the paint will come off easily.

4. With paint and sandpaper

Brush with paint for aged effect

The materials you need are: wood-colored water dye, chalk paint, a brush and fine-grained sandpaper. In this case, you must first color the wood with water dye and then paint it with gypsum paint.

The first step is to color the wood evenly and let it dry for at least two hours. When it is ready, apply a coat of plaster paint and wait again for it to dry. Finally, gently smooth the surfaces with particular attention to the areas where you want the aged effect to be more evident.

5. With wax to get an aged effect

Furniture wax

It is one of the most popular techniques for pickling wood. You will need white wax, sandpaper and paint with the color you want. First you have to pass the wax over the entire surface of the object or piece of furniture. In particular on the edges or on the corners (which are usually the parts that consume the most).

Give a single coat of paint. When it is dry, sand to remove excess paint that does not allow you to get the aged effect.

6. With the spatula

Spatula to remove paint from furniture

The last of the methods we want to introduce you is perhaps the least sophisticated, but it is recommended for large surfaces. Paint the furniture in the color you prefer and remove the paint with the spatula so you can see the wood. To get an aged effect, the techniques we have presented to you are the best you have available. What are you waiting for? Get to work immediately!

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