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American kitchen 30 photos and modern ideas

American kitchen

One of the trends in recent years in design of modern kitchens is the American kitchen, with open designs that are integrated into the rest of the house, either to the dining room, lounge or both.

The functions of the kitchen have been modified, due to the change of customs over time. Being the last corner of the house, reduced and without grace, has happened to play a fundamental role in modern homes.

Kitchens open to the living room

The kitchen is not only where food is prepared, but it is a meeting place for family and friends. The company is very nice while cooking, also having breakfast while reading the newspaper and preparing the toast, all in the same space.

The open space design is a contemporary design style that maximizes the area of a floor. This is achieved by eliminating walls and interior doors to obtain clear lines of vision, integrating at the same time different activities in a single large space. This concept can be used to create a very comfortable and practical kitchen-living room for the daily life of a family.

The spaces that are most frequently fused are the kitchen, the dining room and the living room or the living room, since these are the spaces in which we spend the most time. Different environments that not only integrate functions but also style, flowing together without problems. Ideal for those who like to receive guests or have a large family.

Kitchens open to the dining room

There is a tendency to place large dining tables right next to the bar. The kitchens of large dimensions or those that do not have defined limits as in the lofts are ideal for this type of proposal.

Although it could be thought that a piece of such large dimensions could disrupt the flow of the kitchen, it is still charming and useful.

It is the case of this beautiful dining room set for six people with upholstered chairs in rustic fabric, it gives the appeal and warmth to this great industrial style kitchen.

The kitchen and dining areas integrated into the kitchen are defined by beautiful lamps hanging from the ceiling, two very stylish options.

Kitchen integrated to the dining room and living room

The loft apartments have become one of the most chosen options, especially by young people and in them this is the type of cuisine that is imposed.

When a kitchen has an open design, it becomes a kind of stage, where good chefs can shine. Here you will find some ideas of open kitchens for floors of free floor, loft type.

The small size of the floors nowadays also seeks to create multifunctional spaces being the living room – dining room – kitchen one of the most characteristic of recent times. Here are a few examples of different styles.


A luxurious kitchen for a spectacular penthouse, where the cabinets follow the diagonal of the roof. They are on a side wall, which also serves to place ornaments. Under the countertop there is more storage space for crockery and small appliances.

All the colors of the house have been chosen to give life to the predominant white of the walls, floor and furniture. The bar to the room, is also used as a dining table.

Advantages of the American kitchen

Open kitchens integrated into the dining room or living room have their advantages and disadvantages. The greatest benefit is obviously that the person who cooks does not remain isolated and solitary while preparing food for the rest of the family, so that the tasks become more bearable and even everyone can collaborate.

The architecture should reflect the ideal lifestyle of its occupants and not on the contrary condition the customs, so, before opting for an open floor, we must rethink how we really want to live. Gathering friends or family at lunch time is a tradition that has been lost with the complications of modern life, however it is a unique opportunity to meet and exchange that is well worth rescuing.

In case there are small children in the house, another great advantage offered by the modality of integrating environments in a large open plan is to keep the children under surveillance while doing the housework. The little ones will be in view of the adults at all times, avoiding possible risks in the event of carelessness or mischief.

Usually when we speak of dining rooms integrated into the kitchen we think of informal environments, but nevertheless any type of dining room can be integrated properly even for more formal dinners as we see in this formidable image.

Disadvantages of the American kitchen

The disadvantages are also great, being the main ones: the noise and the smells that invade the whole house. It becomes quite difficult to listen to the TV while the blender works.

The problem of unwanted odors is solved with a good ventilation system. Today the market offers a wide range of options in this regard. And noise can be minimized by taking care when choosing quality appliances that are usually the quietest. But the worst drawback of all is that there is no where to hide the mess. Imagine for example this kitchen when some people have come to dinner. Now it looks beautiful because it is clean and free of clutter, but it will not be so bad when it is full of dirty dishes waiting to be washed.

In all cases of open plants and especially in kitchens it is essential to maintain order and for that it is necessary to minimize loose objects, unnecessary ornaments and accumulation. In this sense, this kitchen works better. By having an island, you can hide at least a little, the mess in the kitchen.

The ideal is that the bar is completely free and does not contain either the ceramic hob or the sink. A large central island is a useful space for food preparation, as well as a great place to hang out in the company, have a snack or have breakfast.


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