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Bathroom Colors 2019 photos and trends

Bathroom colors 2019

Dare to combine colors and different materials, dedicate to the bathroom the same attention you have devoted to decorating the room and you will not regret when you see the result.

Next, we will show you colors for very nice bathrooms that are trend.

Green baths

The sage green color, to cover the walls of a bathroom, gives it that fresh and natural feeling but with an urban, elegant and modern style when combined with a contemporary washbasin like this one. The decorative elements, like a vase, the mirror and the lamps, add great interest.

Also green tones are a little more saturated.

As well as the dark shades, forest greens. They look fantastic accompanied by white or black.


An energetic orange bathroom like this, requires accessories in white. The different detail is the laminated wood floor.

An orange wall tile in a bathroom will undoubtedly be the protagonist, therefore it should be combined with fairly sober elements. A large frameless mirror balances the bold tone of the walls and accompanies the vertical effect of the towel warmer.

Another orange and white bathroom, although a pumpkin tone has been used here, one of the fashionable colors at present.

You can also take a chance on an almost orange, which combined with golden metals looks very good.


An excellent palette of colors to give life to an old bathroom with sanitary appliances in white. Ideal for small bathrooms and very bright. The white color of the walls and the accessories gold or pink, give the necessary contrast so that it is not monotonous.

Red baths

The color red for the bathroom is certainly not the most used color, however, in this case the white tiles are extremely elegant with the rear wall in red, and combine well with the details in black.

The red color is ideal for luxurious bathrooms and exotic design. But it is a color that we can also use in bathrooms without so many pretensions of glamor, whether for accessories, in ceramics or in simple details.


It can add dynamism to a bathroom with decorative tile tiles. The multi-colored bluish tiles in this bathroom are the focal point despite the variety of elements that coexist in this space. See how the floor has combined with the white and sky blue walls.

The nautical motives are ideal to create a fresh and personalized bathroom by means of simple blue, black and gray stripes on the wall. The towels, carpet and curtains help to recreate the theme in shades of navy blue.

The bronze door handles match the basin and bathtub faucets. The completely white walls and woods help together to create a bathroom in a very contemporary style.

Pink color

From salmon pink, millennial or almost fuchsia, pink offers a wide range of tones that are very fashionable and look fabulous in the bathroom.

Accompanied by gold or black, pastel pink looks very beautiful and bright. A color that transits a lot of positivity and joy.

This glamorous bathroom combines various elements with success, such as tiles and vintage tiles with a very modern lamp. The chosen color palette, all in white and pink with black details perfectly harmonizes what might seem incompatible. The feminine touch is not only given by the pink color on the wall and floor, but also by the white of the towels and accessories.

A vibrant bathroom like this is achieved by painting a pink wall and placing accessories to the tone. A wall has been placed between the sink and the bathtub that allows the installation of a shower inside.


A bath in shades of white, accompanied by a neutral or touches of vibrant color, will always be a classic. In this photo it has been complemented with a vase of colorful flowers and a wicker basket.


A gray bathroom will always look sophisticated. The mixture of large dark gray tiles with small blue mosaics creates a sophisticated look. White sanitary appliances offer an elegant contrast, while accessories in bluish tones enhance the mosaics.

Beige and brown

Another classic to consider for the bathroom. This combination of colors ensures a bathroom that looks modern for many years.

This is a five-star hotel bathroom, with double sinks for him and her. The bright mosaics have also been used for illuminated niches over the bath, which create a relaxing glow to acclimate the night immersion baths. A towel warmer keeps clothes warm and cozy.

A bathroom in brown tones, with mosaic tiles, complemented by walnut wood give it a very attractive appearance. The white walls and the toilets give it a fresh touch.

A bath of natural materials, such as limestone and wood to give warmth to this neutral style bathroom.

Black baths

Very elegant bathrooms with a lot of personality are these color in black. Not many people would dare to paint a room completely black, however these bathrooms have been designed, achieving by means of a color as risky as black an extraordinary result with a very masculine air.

A black bathroom with white flowers, with a lot of glamor.


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