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Bathroom Decoration 2019 – beautiful photos and ideas

Bathroom decoration 2019

If you’re tired of seeing your old-fashioned bathroom and dreaming of a change, we’ll show you some bathroom decoration ideas that are cheap and easy to make.

Redoing a bath completely requires a lot of effort and a lot of money. But many times, with just a few fixes is enough to make it look modern. The priority to take into account when designing a bathroom is to be comfortable, practical, easy to clean and safe.


One of the most important improvements you can make in your bathroom involves lighting. A Swedish study found that lighting, combined with the right color, affects mood. Good lighting is not difficult or expensive, but it makes the bathroom look nicer and bigger.

There is a wide variety of affordable lighting fixtures available today. Try to be original and creative. Trends include hanging or concealed lamps on the ceiling or furniture, which diffuse light in a room. Remember that the most important lighting is that of the mirror.

It uses LED lighting accessories because they are the most energy efficient and do not heat the environment.

Replacing old lamps with new ones is not complicated, but if the project is a bit complex, it is better to leave it in the hands of professionals. But with some guidance, it should not be difficult for a DIY expert.


Painting is another of the quick and easy improvements that can be made in the bathroom. Light colors are advised for large surfaces such as walls and use darker and more vibrant shades for furniture and accessories.

Works of art on the wall

It is not necessary that you spend a lot of money on a painting. You can choose your favorite photo or image, print it, either in colors or black and white, frame it, and you already have an excellent accessory to give personality to the walls.

You can also use other decorative objects such as starfish or handmade baskets.

Floors and vinyl walls

Nowadays, there are options of pavements apt for the bricolage, that are modern and easy to work. For example, vinyl floors are very affordable and resilient, are available in most home improvement stores and come in a variety of imitation patterns made of wood, stone and other materials.

They have a very realistic appearance, include texture and imperfections on the surface, like a real wood floor or stone tile. The installation is very simple.

The bathroom is also a space to be enjoyed and where you should pay as much attention to details as in the rest of the home. Observe the beautiful wooden pavement in the next photo. It provides a non-slip floor, as well as a rich texture compared to the rest of the materials.

If your tiles or tiles are very old or outdated, and there is not much you can do about it, try removable adhesive tiles. They are easy to cut and install, they look very real and can be removed without damaging the surface underneath.

Change metals

Another one of the simple updates, is to change all the handles of the cupboards, the bars of towels, dispenser of the toilet paper, etc. In general, this involves only unscrewing and removing the old accessory.

Maximizes storage

If you have space problems, you can improve the existing storage. Add removable drawers to the cabinets, to sort the elements more easily, is an easy upgrade.

You can also use floating shelves, baskets, and of course, install a new cabinet.

Decorative storage

Of course storage can also be decorative, as we see in the images below.

Improves textiles

The towels, carpets or shower curtains, can be replaced by new, with colors and prints more current.


You can complete the decoration with accessories such as a wastebasket, liquid soap dispensers, a plant, candles or diffusers.

Washing machine in the bathroom

When we live in a floor of reduced dimensions, it is very probable that the only place available to place the washing machine is the bathroom. If that is your case, maybe you can find the solution that suits your needs, in the following photos, where different proposals are shown.

Who says that you can not add a bit of glamor to a service room like the laundry room. Also when you find everything in its place and in such a beautiful way you feel that the daily task is not so tedious.

Adapt the bathroom for children

If you have children at home, these with some tips to take into account when adapting a bathroom for the youngest of the family:

  • The doors must be able to open both from inside and from outside.
  • You can go to a small bench or chair to access the toilet.
  • You can place a wicker or plastic basket in a corner full of bath toys.
  • The door fittings should be latch type and not knobs.
  • All toiletries must be hidden inside a closet.
  • Avoid sharp edges, corners and fragile materials like glass.

You can also add some decorative elements so that the child feels more comfortable in the bathroom.

Styles to be inspired


If you want to achieve a rustic style, use many wooden elements. It is the simplest way to achieve this beautiful style that never goes out of style.

Another washbasin made of polished concrete combined with natural wood and a lot of white. The tile floor of old design would seem to contrasts with the modern door of the glass shower, however it works perfectly well.

This bathroom belongs to a spectacular holiday house, located between olive trees and vineyards in France.


If you use old items, you can achieve a beautiful bathroom with that personal touch that makes it unique. Rustic materials, combined with vintage elements such as this beautiful oval mirror with carved wood frame and antique crystal chandelier that contrast with the concrete of the countertop and the minimalist aspect of it.


This is a style that is very fashionable nowadays. Observe in the photos some ideas, like lamps that hang directly from the limes.

Metal lamps can also help you in this task.


Another style in vogue: Scandinavian + Japanese.


Another classic that will never go out of style.


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