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Bathroom Wall Decoration – Vinyl, Paper or Tile

Bathroom wall decoration

We show you a series of current trends for decorating bathroom walls, which can help and serve as inspiration in this task, which sometimes seems to be complicated.

Wall paper

For those looking for a coating for bathroom walls that escapes the traditional mosaics and tiles, wall paper can be the perfect alternative.

Many times it is thought that they are not suitable for such environments, because they may not resist humidity, but the materials have evolved so much, that there are many proposals that have the advantages of being waterproof and perfectly washable with a cloth and soapy water.

In addition, the wall papers present the plus that can be found in an infinite variety of designs, you can even order them personalized, and in a wide range of textures and colors.

Below we show you some pictures where you will be able to appreciate several very original styles of bathrooms that use wallpaper as the main decorative element.

Decorative vinyl or vinyl tiles

It really impacts the versatility that has the use of vinyl on the walls of rooms and common rooms, are easy to apply and you can customize your home with a simple touch, finished the smooth walls that were only decorated with a sad photo hanging or shelf . In case you do not know, the vinyls are some stickers with different shapes and usually monochromatic, which are placed to energize a room.

The last fashion is to place the vinyls on the wall, the screens of the shower, in the tedious and ugly toilet cistern, etc.

The vinyls are almost not found against and almost all are benefits. See in these images some creative ideas. You can get a lot of juice and enjoy a long relaxing bath looking at a wall, but this time beautiful.

But there are also self-adhesive vinyl tiles, which greatly facilitate the task of decorating, and of course, are much cheaper than ceramic tiles or other materials. Normally neutral walls are always combined with a decorative strip in decorative vinyl tiles with beautiful designs and colors.

You can also find 3D vinyl tiles, which look totally ceramic, but are much easier to place and cheaper.

Modern Tiles

As you can see nowadays, tiles are becoming the clearest trend to coat the bathrooms, given the great number of advantages they present and the wide variety of proposals that the market offers, which makes them perfect for recreating comfortable and personalized spaces. We show you some of the main tendencies nowadays in coating for bathrooms.


Glass mosaics are ideal for those who seek to give their bathroom a greater sense of depth, brightness and luminosity. In addition, thanks to the versatility that they present, they can be adapted to the walls of the shower, on floors and in the area of the hand basin.

In addition, many times this type of tile is created from recycled glass, so they are also friendly to the environment.


The ceramic classics are usually the best way to add different patterns and designs to the walls of the bathroom. The elongated meter tile is being used a lot, as we see in this image.

Also the relief tiles, which give an elegant and contemporary appearance.

For several years, tiles have also tended to simulate the veins of marble or stone.

Timber wood

For the more rustic, the best option is always wood, but those who know tell us that wood is not suitable for wet spaces like the bathroom, so that imitation wood tiles have gained much popularity today.

In addition, thanks to the creativity of the ceramics industry, we have more and more tiles available on the market that are more similar to natural wood.

Tiles of colors

Another trend in bathroom decoration is the use of colored tiles, achieving walls full of vitality and energy. Let’s see some examples.

Of course, we are talking about an artistic style in decoration, which not many are encouraged to apply in their homes, although those who do, get fascinating results. In addition, one has the mistaken idea that the artistic style should be applied in a whole room, if it is used and it is not. As an example you can see in the photo above, how only a column of blue tiles, reached to give a touch of life to a classic bathroom.

They can be applied on any of the walls of the bathroom and give assurance that their colors, their brightness against light and their texture, will make them an undisputed focal point of space. To others it can be an excellent way to show the category and style of the house.

As you can see the combinations and possibilities offered by the colored tiles are several.

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