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All you have to know about the bathrooms integrated in the bedroom

Among the latest trends in bedroom decoration there is a current that is felt without hurry but without pause: the bathrooms integrated in the bedroom. And it is that more and more adherents to this particular way of understanding these intimate environments. If you are one of them, today we give you the keys to successfully achieve that bedroom and bathroom share the same space. Keep reading and take note.

integrated bathrooms

That open spaces are the order of the day in terms of decoration is no secret. From the usual loft that emerged decades ago to open houses with barely any partitions, it is one of the increasingly frequent trends in interior design. And, although the most common is to find the kitchen open to the living room, The bathrooms integrated into the bedroom are also increasingly frequent.

integrated bathrooms

There are several reasons to choose this type of approach to the distribution of space in the most intimate areas of the house. One of them is lack of space If we have a small bedroom and a tiny bathroom, we may gain square meters of use if we dispense with partitions and integrate the bathroom into the bedroom, With your bath included.

Advantages and disadvantages of integrated bathrooms

integrated bathrooms

The partitions divide the space. Although this may seem obvious, it is really worth mentioning this phrase (and even reading and writing it) to keep it always in mind. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the integrated bathrooms in the room succeed. When the meters are short, it’s worth it Share them to expand them. The dimensions of your house may be the same, but the conception of space changes markedly.

Another interesting reason to bet on integrated bathrooms is the interest in encourage the circulation of natural light. Keep in mind that the fewer partitions and divisions there are, the greater the luminosity inside.

Therefore, if you have a house with a dark and a little sad bedroom and bathroom and you like open spaces, you are the perfect candidate to bet on integrated bathrooms. Of course, you have to know how to raise them; especially to try to minimize the main drawback: the loss of privacy.

Minimum separations to structure the space

Even if you are a fan of diaphanous environments, it will be necessary to have some separation, even if minimal, between the bed area and the bathroom. Can be a half-height wall that acts as headboard on one side, and serve on the other to house the toilets or any other corner of the bathroom.

Another idea is create uneven ground to delimit the different zones, for example with steps. Or use certain pieces of furniture to divide slightly both areas: the sleeping and the toilet.

In this sense, one of the essential requirements that we must take into account before deciding on the integrated bathrooms is to have the necessary space to be able to circulate comfortably For the bedroom. It is useless to connect our room with the bathroom if afterwards we cannot move with minimal freedom.

Other ideas to divide

The glass walls They are another way of separating the space between the bedroom and the bathroom. The bathroom is isolated but the light circulates freely and the feeling of spaciousness remains intact. In the case of the toilet area, it should be closed and separated with a panel of translucent or opaque glass, for example, since it is in this place where intimacy must be unquestionable.

As well the coverings can help us to delimit the spaces, choosing different models and colors for each zone, both for the floor and for the walls.

The bathtub, a decorative element

One of the things I like about the integrated bathrooms in the bedroom is the way I they exalt the bathtub, understanding it as an object of luxury and pleasure. In fact, this way of posing the bedroom is closely related to how cleanliness is understood in the category hotels. In them, the bedrooms with bathroom in the same space are elegant and glamorous.

If you like the idea and want to recreate it, do not hesitate to choose an exempt bathtub as beautiful as possible depending on your tastes and the style of your bedroom. It can be more or less classic, vintage with legs, or very avant-garde. The really relevant thing is that it decorates the space by itself.

As you can see, few things are needed to have integrated bathrooms in the bedroom. It does not take much space or very valuable furniture. Rather it is a matter of space distribution. You dare?

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All you have to know about the bathrooms integrated in the bedroom

Among the latest trends in bedroom decoration there is a current that is felt without hurry but without pause: the bathrooms integrated in the...