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3 ideas to create beautiful letter envelopes

Creating envelopes for unique and original letters is a great idea to make your loved ones feel special. You can send them a greeting message or a letter that will hit them and amuse them, plus improving your manual skills. Here are 3 ideas to do it!

3 ideas to create beautiful envelopes for letters

Obviously, making these types of envelopes takes time. But when the recipient of your letter receives it and is happy, it will have been worth it!

Envelopes for neutral color letters

Creating and decorating letter envelopes is not only pleasant but also aesthetically effective. Furthermore, it is a manual work that can be done in the family.

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1. Envelopes with prints inside

A way to have fun decorating the envelopes for the letters with an original and different touch is apply prints inside, so that when the recipient opens them, you find a surprise. How you do it?

  • Choose two envelopes for the letters of contrasting colors. For example: blue and yellow, green and pink, brown and blue, red and white, etc.
  • Calculate the dimensions of width and height of the envelope, in addition to the measurements of the opening triangle. These will be the spaces in which the prints will be placed, which can be made of fabric or paper.
  • Once the print is cut, glue it inside the envelope, checking that the measurements are proportional and not irregularly aesthetically. The aim is to ensure that when the envelope is opened, note the decorated background.

Finally, the purpose of the envelope remains to be chosen: an invitation to a party, a love letter, a surprise for a friend, etc.

2. With animal faces

If you want to give a cheerful, dynamic and curious touch to your letter envelopes, you can make animal faces on the back of the envelope. This way your letter envelopes will have a lively and fun aesthetic.

  • Choose a color for the envelope. Depending on the animal chosen, it is better that the shade is similar to leather or fur. For example: to make a rabbit it is preferable to use a white envelope, in the case of a reindeer it must be brown, for a green frog, etc.
  • Draw the eyes on a white sheet: the pupil and the eyelashes, depending on the aspect you want to give. The eyes will be placed in the triangular opening of the envelope.
  • The nose will be round, right at the opening point of the envelope, ie at the tip of the triangle; therefore, it has the function of pasting and closing.
  • If you want to give more realism, you can also apply rabbit or mouse ears, reindeer or cow horns, etc.

Envelopes for letters with animals
3. Letter envelopes with circles and bows

Envelopes for letters made with circles and bows are very interesting and full of personality and creativity. At bottom, their purpose is to surprise the recipient of the envelope. How are they realized?

  • There are two ways to do them, using a single color or with two types of colored paper: for example, light blue and dark blue, red and white, green and pink, red or green with white dots, etc.
  • Cut out 4 circles of the same size. In case you wish to combine the colors, cut out two circles of each color to obtain, therefore, the chromatic alternation.
  • Then, place the circles concentrically and bend them towards the center. Be careful that they are tightly closed.
  • To seal the envelope, place a paper tip in the center so that it does not open. You can tie it with a bow, making it even more elegant.

Without a doubt, making and decorating letter envelopes is a simple and creative activity. In this way, you will have the opportunity to give an original touch to the usual letter envelopes.

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