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The benefits of a beautiful home

Today we want to put you in a good mood, helping you to discover how to decorate your home with joy, so that it releases even more positive energy.

Believe it or not, you can decorate with joy and today we will discover how to do it and how it contributes to the psychological well-being of people living at home.

Decorating with joy increases the positive vibrations

Decorate with joy by adding colors

There is no need to explain it with big words, but it is clear that when we enter a pleasantly decorated place, we immediately feel at ease, relaxed and invaded by a feeling of well-being.

Our brain is swept away by a wave of peace and the mirror neurons begin to activate, thanks to the feeling of well-being that we perceive around us. The pleasure that causes seeing a tidy house, a clean environment or a beautiful decoration makes our brain fill with serotonin, the happiness hormone.

Filling the house with pleasant smells, colors and images is not just about creating an environment in which you feel good, but it is related to a positive feeling, which directly affects your mood.

4 keys to decorate with joy

Your home is your refuge, where you find peace and enjoy the company of your family. It is the place where we can be ourselves and, therefore, we advise you to take care of it at all levels. Below, we will show you 4 keys to happily decorate your home.

1. Give space to yours hobby

Space for hobbies

We all agree that everything we like makes us happy. Therefore, we advise you to assign a small corner of your home to an activity or a business hobby that makes you happy.

  • If you love reading, draw a comfortable corner, where you can let yourself be carried away in the infinite literary worlds.
  • If you like physical exercise, expect an area near the window, to do your daily exercises. Check that there is adequate ventilation and that the light is pleasant. Do not saturate it with decorative elements, which can be accidentally damaged while you are exercising.
  • If, on the other hand, you love DIY and DIY, you will need a work table, on which you can shape your creativity, without constantly pulling out and putting away all the materials you need. A sturdy wooden table and a comfortable chair will suffice. Add a trolley on wheels, like this model from IKEA, to keep your tools close at hand.

2. To decorate with joy, follow good habits

Neat wardrobe

To decorate with joy, you will first need a neat home. We advise you to follow the advice of Marie Kondo or a professional organizer.

As he explains in his method, the most important thing is to learn to get rid of everything that does not make you happy. And what better way to start decorating with joy and having a home happy? Establish one routine cleaning, so that your home is always in order and easy to manage.

3. Attention to details

Details are important for decorating with joy

To decorate with joy, details are perhaps the most important thing:

  • Candles are perfect for giving a romantic touch to the environment, a feeling of calm, which invites dialogue and good relations.
  • Odors are also very important, they stimulate our olfactory memory, filling us with endorphins. We advise you to use essential oils, asking for advice regarding their therapeutic use. In addition to filling the house with a delicious smell, they can help you get calm or, on the contrary, make you more active or improve your cold symptoms. We advise you to read in this regard the article “Perfumes of my home: all the possibilities”.
  • Music cannot be missing. Create one playlist for each mood, depending on the goal you want to achieve and let the melody accompany your day.

4. The kitchen: the heart of the home

Decorate and cook with joy

The foods you prepare, the way you prepare them and the way you eat them can make a difference and lead you to happiness. Try to cook healthy foods at home, keeping your kitchen clean at all times.

Transform it into the heart of the home, the place where the family meets and try to sit around the table together at least once a day.

Decorate with joy will be able to enhance your positive energy and will ensure that you can enjoy your daily activities and your home in a more complete and satisfying way.

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