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The best ideas to decorate them and make them special

If you are decorating your home, you will surely have many ideas on how to decorate the living room, the kitchen, the bathrooms and the master bedroom. If you also have a staircase in your home, you need to make sure you include it in your projects. On the other hand, the decoration of the stairs is as important as everything else.

Even if it is not the place where you will spend most of the time or even the focal point of the room, you have to think about the number of times you will use it. Furthermore, you must consider that it is an element that you will see from other points of the house.

Stairs are an important element in any home. In many cases, it is the first thing we see when we enter an apartment or when we go to sleep or work.

Following our advice, your stairs will become even more beautiful and will be one of the areas of the house that you will enjoy admiring. In fact, stairs can represent a metaphor for our life.

You don’t necessarily have to use an expensive decoration or undertake a costly renovation. Sometimes, you get the best results simply by adding elements that inspire us and we like them. For example, you can choose to change the color of the wall on which the staircase or the color of the railing and handrail is mounted. These simple solutions are all possible.

A practical element, but also an aesthetic one

Stairs leading to the upper floor

The first step is to stop thinking about the ladder as an exclusively practical element that only serves us to go upstairs or down to the lower one. Any self-respecting interior designer does not forget to give the stairs the attention they deserve.

Decorating the stairs means giving the right importance to the passage from one room to another. Moreover, it allows us to create a perfect background where to place decorations that otherwise we wouldn’t know where to place.

The color on the walls of the stairs

Decorate a minimalist staircase by adding color

A basic rule is that the color of the walls of the stairs has a continuum with adjacent walls. There is nothing less aesthetic than a sudden change of color without any element that predicts it.

If you paint all the walls of the staircase in the same color as the living room or the entrance, you will create environments that are a bit boring and repetitive. In these cases, you can use some tricks to avoid this result.

A possible solution is to create a continuity of color on the highest part of the wall and use a different colored base at the bottom. For the skirting board / skirting board you can use wood, wallpaper or just another color tone.

To obtain the desired effect, always separate the paint color of the walls from the base through carved elements. Some stairs are installed on walls with smooth walls or with protruding elements. It is through these elements that we can play with color combinations.

Photos and paintings

Decorate the stairs with paintings and mirrors

Decorating the stairs with our photos or paintings is always an excellent idea. We can turn them into a small “art show” that our loved ones and strangers will surely enjoy.

To do it correctly, you have to group the photos and paintings into collections. The best way is to find common aspects in the color, in the shape of the frames or according to the theme.

Decorate the stairs: the railings

Wrought iron railing and wooden art nouveau strap

Although it may seem strange, railings are an element that is often overshadowed. On the contrary, it is worth focusing our attention on renewing them or even modifying them.

We can choose particular solutions, such as the beautiful Art Nouveau railings that will completely decorate our stairs.

Or we can change the appearance of what we have by changing the color or adding metal or wooden handrails creating contrasts. Furthermore, we can place elements at the beginning of the stairs or along them. For example, metal balls in the shape of a pine cone or other decorations with the colors that best match the surrounding environment.

Don’t forget the subscale

Desk with computer in the basement

The basement is one of the elements that attracts most inside the houses. In many cases, based on functional needs, we prefer to close it and turn it into a closet. But this space can have many uses and not always close it is the best solution.

If our stairs are near the entrance to the house, we can place ourselves under a wooden bench, a coat rack, a mirror or baskets with wonderful flowers. Or we can use this space to store shoes and hang jackets when we return home.

Decorate the stairs: lighting

LED lights to illuminate the stairs

When decorating the stairs, we often forget about their lighting. It doesn’t matter if we choose passing lights or large crystal chandeliers. The important thing is that the lighting is sufficient and effective.

Using ceiling or floor lamps at the beginning or end of the stairs we will create a pleasant passage illuminated from one room in the house to another. The same happens if we place mirrors that reflect light.

In fact, another way to improve the lighting of the stairs is to place a mirror on the wall that acts as a ceiling when we go down the stairs. This will allow us to double the light and reflect the decorative elements we used to embellish our staircase.

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