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10 colors to brighten your small flat

Avoiding contrasts between colors while maintaining the same hue throughout the room is one of the best tricks to give light to your small floor making it even more spacious. And precisely, the choice of color in the decoration of your home, is one of the most important decisions you will have to make.

Pure white in your home

blank room
By excellence, White is one of the best colors to brighten your floor. It is a strong ally that helps to take advantage of natural light (since the sun bounces) simulating more space. This little lounge of attic roof, is decorated in a complete and pure white. The furniture is of simple lines, the tables (which you can find in Ikea at a very economical price) and the accessories, also go in this color. As you will see, a certain contrast has been sought with the use of fresh flowers scattered throughout the room. What do you think?

Beige in your small flat

salon beig

The beige color gives a touch of elegance to the space. You can create a comfortable atmosphere, with soft tones of it. This color belongs to the warm range. It looks great in spaces like bedrooms or living rooms like this, double height. It is important to take advantage of the light from a natural source (such as the window) The beige sofa, strategically placed, seems almost embedded in the small gap between the entrance and the window. If you combine these tones correctly, you will achieve a very pleasant aesthetic.

Cream colors to decorate

pastel colors salon

Cream color, it is a slightly tinted white. And it becomes a great solution to give luminosity to your spaces. This color is lighter than beige and helps give uniformity to your small floor. It looks great in areas like the living room, bedroom or bathroom. What do you think?

Yellow to give life

yellow salon

This cheerful and warm color is a great idea for decorate the living room, kitchen or other recreational place. Ideal for the most summer decorations, you can choose from an immense range of shades, to give lighting to any space. Paint the walls and / or get beautiful furniture, textiles and accessories, choosing between the most vibrant and acidic shades, even as clear shades, such as pastel. Don’t be afraid to try colors like this!

Light gray a classic

gray entry
The grey color, It is one of the great favorites to provide lighting in small spaces. The best and to take advantage of this color, is to move in light tones and not raise much the dark tone. This way you will achieve a space aesthetically elegant and bright. Look at this entrance, with the wall painted in gray and a floor with brushstrokes in this color. Although the ladder takes a lot of place, it seems bigger. If you look closely, they only have three windows, so in this case they have also played with the mirrors, so there is extra lighting.

Very chic pastel pink

stick pink bedroom

The pastel pink color, It is perfect for decorating girl’s bedrooms, for the entrance of the house or for the living room. But also, you can decorate any space in this color. If you are a great lover of pastel pink, you will find beautiful wallpapers, furniture in this color or accessories that share it. Always try to find different shades of it to achieve even more space.

Look for the rose in the walls, in textiles or accessories. Almost anywhere, decorated in pastel pink, is a perfect canvas to apply a certain touch or vintage style. If you love this style, combine very light roses. It is also perfect to create a bedroom in the purest style princess How about?

Light blue to give simplicity to your rooms

blue and white combination

Light blue color, belongs to the range of cold colors. It becomes a color, perfect for decorating children’s bedrooms, terraces or the bathroom. Normally, cold tones bring calm and serenity. Of the blue color, they also say that it is the color of life. It is ideal for decorating a small apartment. Remember also that you must be careful with the darkest shades. I also propose to combine it with glass or transparent accessories, to give greater depth.

Light green for your kitchen

green kitchen

The color of hope It is perfect for decorating places like bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens. It is also perfect for offices or workspaces. It is a color that helps reassure and open the mind. Use its different varieties of light green, to take advantage of the luminosity of your spaces. And be careful with the darkest shades, since they will subtract that light you are looking for for the space to decorate.

Earth color

color scheme - green and pink

The earth color and its beautiful nuances, will give your small apartment an atmosphere cozy, nice and comfortable. It is common to see rooms, decorated in these shades that invite you to enjoy the space. Also, you can decorate the terrace, bedroom or bathroom in this color.

Earth colors include red, yellow and brown which simulate the shades of sand, clay, mud … etc. With a nice combination of shades and nuances, you will make your small apartment, look bigger, more welcoming and brighter. What do you think?

Light orange

orange bedroom

The light orange color, invites you to relax while not using more vibrant shades. This way it is perfect for decorating places like a children’s bedroom or bathroom. On the wall it looks pretty good, but you can also get it in furniture, textiles or accessories. What do you think?

Even if you have a small dark floor, Space can be used in many ways. Not only is finding a place for everything, you can also learn many things about colors and how they influence decoration.

As you will see, the colors contribute a lot in the decoration. And depending on which one you choose and its variants, the small places will appear larger and brighter. And not only this, colors also influence mood. If you are interested in knowing a little more about colors and their influences, you can read the following article about colors in the theory of feng shui What do you think?

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