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Beautiful ceiling colors for your interiors


Too often, little or no attention is paid to the ceilings when designing a room, however, the treatment and especially the color that we give to the ceiling, can contribute much to the decoration of any environment.

The next time you want to update the look of your house, look at your roofs from a new perspective and give them prominence, either by means of color, brightness, texture or even the use of patterns and you will see how you can completely transform the appearance of a space.

High ceilings

A large room with high ceilings can feel impersonal. It can also be unbalanced since in the lower part of the space the furniture is concentrated, the floor covering (which is really important) and the accessories, visually occupying the lower half of a room, leaving the upper part as bare . The solution is to paint the high ceiling with a darker color several shades.

I would also suggest, for the more daring, the creation of an interesting pattern, ignoring the intersection of the wall and the ceiling. The pattern will distract the eye from the height of the ceiling or inconsistencies in the walls themselves. It can be done with paint with the help of stencils, or with wallpaper.

Low ceilings

On the other hand, a house with low ceilings can be quite oppressive. To visually elevate the ceilings it is known that they have to be painted in more luminous tones.

The rule says that if your room is less than two and a half meters high, you should paint the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the color of the wall. On the contrary if the room is more than eight feet (plus or minus 2.50 meters), as we saw you should paint the ceiling in two shades darker than your wall color.

The idea is to give luminosity to the ceiling so that the impression of more space, but that can also be achieved using two different finishes, that is, paint the walls in matt finishes and the ceilings in bright finishes which will give greater reflectivity of light , which will make it look much higher.

Ceilings for neutral spaces

In these rooms a total investment has been made. The touch of color on the ceiling, especially when linked to the accessories of the room, such as curtains, cushions, paintings, or door and window frames is quite shocking.

A room in neutral tones becomes something else when it is crowned with a touch of unexpected color. The injection of color gives the necessary dose of energy to make this dining room a much more attractive and modern space.

Beams, exposed planks or coffered ceiling naturally bring attention to the ceiling, so why not reinforce the effect with a dose of color? Only flat or sunken areas can be painted to create contrast.

Or cover the entire ceiling in a uniform tone animated enough to get attention.

Ceilings and walls of the same color

When the ceiling and walls are painted in the same color, without contrast, the result is smooth and seamless. Experts in architectural color recommend trying a warm tone, like the one shown here in a bedroom, where the ceiling feels naturally high when the person is lying on the bed.

Painting with a single color does not have to make the small room look like, it will only make it look more cozy.

Ceilings in large-area spaces

There is no rule that says roofs should be white. Why not do the reverse: paint the walls white or with a neutral tone and put the emphasis of color.

For example, in this case, you experimented with a ceiling color in a darker shade. If the walls have a soft tone like eggshell or pearl, an intense bright green color on the ceiling produces a cozy effect to balance a large open space.

Painting the ceiling with a striking color is a resource widely used in environments of large surfaces such as commercial premises, especially if you want to disguise pipes or beams. This creates a uniform, attractive and highly contrasting space. It allows the view to perceive the space with coherence and unity.

I hope you have found inspiration in this selection of images of ceilings painted in non-traditional colors, which stimulate you to give a change of look to your environments with a minimum of effort and investment.


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