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Change the look of the kitchen with stainless steel paint

To change the look of your kitchen it is not necessary to do major renovations. Today there are several materials adapted for this area of ​​the house, e one of the most versatile techniques is the use of stainless steel paint.

Add a touch of color to your appliances or give a younger look to some tools, it will totally change your kitchen concept without large investments.

Let’s find out how to use stainless steel paint.

The characteristics of stainless steel paint

stainless steel paint

The goal of this type of pigment is to make some surfaces much more durable and to protect the finish. It can be used on household appliances but also on some bathroom furniture or in the garage.

Stainless steel paint is commercially available as a spray or in containers similar to normal paint.

These are incredible paints that will give a perfect finish to metal surfaces to hide the wear of time and dirt. It can also be used on other materials such as wood, but it is specifically designed to work on steel surfaces.

Few brush strokes will be enough to prevent the appliances from oxidizing and to add a touch of color. Of course, the paint will not be able to eliminate the oxidation marks already present.

To use it on tools or appliances that are not in good condition, it is preferable to treat them first. If the surface already shows signs of oxidation, in fact it is advisable to carry out a specific treatment before applying the paint.

Even when it comes to surfaces with imperfections it is recommended to treat them in advance, otherwise the painting will be fixed on the material as it appears.

How to use it correctly on tools and appliances

repaint the kitchen

Changing your kitchen look with stainless steel paint is easy and you can do it yourself. An overly complex technique will not be needed. The first thing you will need to do before using this material is make sure your appliances are made of metal.

We often own tools of a completely different material, in which case it is not advisable to use this type of paint. There are hard plastic objects that look like metal but that should not be confused.

To properly apply stainless steel paint you must follow the same rules that apply to any oil paint. Water-based paints instead follow another type of processing.

In order to fix it correctly, it is essential to make sure that the surface is not damp and does not have residues of any kind on it.

It’s important apply the paint with a good quality brush to create a homogeneous surface. It is a relatively delicate product, and the quality of the tools you are going to use is extremely important.

You can even buy two brushes, because if you decide to give a second pass, the bristles may harden in the wait. One trick is to use a brush with nylon bristles to prevent it from hardening.

Colorful styles for your new kitchen

stainless steel paint

An idea like this opens up a million possibilities to add a touch of color to the kitchen, and of course it does not make sense to paint every appliance with a different color without any basic strategy.

The first step is to choose a style that identifies you or harmonizes with the environment you want to create. We do not recommend buying paint without having established the color you want, where and how to use it first.

A good option if you have a cozy kitchen with lots of wood it is giving light and protagonism to other furniture. In this case it is convenient to repaint white colored appliances to eliminate the industrial essence.

Eliminating the metallic effect, the kitchen will recover its rustic and traditional naturalness, and the wooden shelves will have even more prominence. A little trick that will give you very flashy results.

If what you are looking for is to fill your life with color and even your kitchen, you will be able to indulge yourself with stainless steel paint. You can use vivid colors to create a pop style kitchen: deep red, electric blue or egg yellow.

If you are looking for modernity and sophistication, you will find it in the two-tone style: black furniture with red appliances, or brown with white.

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