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Ideas for cheap decoration

Cheap decoration

Whether you do not have a lot of money or your house is rented and you are not thinking of living there for many years, it is essential to do what is necessary so that you feel comfortable and comfortable with little money. We will give you some ideas so you can achieve a cheap decoration.

You should try to find a way to make that space feel really yours, not only from the aesthetic point of view but also from the functional point of view, but without investing in major reforms. You must try to devise them with the existing furniture and make the least possible modifications. But everything has a solution, it’s just a matter of ingenuity and good taste. We will give you a few tips.

Paint only one wall

This is also a way to spice up the walls, at a very low cost. It is about painting only one wall, or a zone of it, with a nice color, to give a little life to the environment.

Wall stickers

It is likely that the color of the walls you do not like, if you can not really repaint them, do not despair, there are some alternatives. For example, the removable adhesive vinyl papers, it may not be necessary to cover all the walls, but to give a different touch to some sector.

Painting doors or windows

Another way to spend little money on paint is to paint only the doors or windows, or even paint only the frames of them.

The old rule that the frame has to be white or wooden and the color must be used on the walls, can be totally discarded after seeing the result that they have obtained in this room when painting the frame of a striking color turning it the center of attention of the space.

The same happens in this bedroom where the moldings have been taken advantage of by painting them green to enhance a room that would otherwise be uninteresting giving it a touch of color and personality.

Wall covered with old planks

This is a trend that looks spectacular if you want to achieve a rustic and chic atmosphere.

Small carpets

If you do not like the floors, or the moquette is worn and discolored, the solution is the rugs. Sometimes it is not necessary to spend on an extra large carpet to camouflage the problem, you can use small rugs like in this bedroom. Although this is a whole carpet, (it is not made up of separate mats), but it has that particular design, we can recreate it with a few round and inexpensive carpets.

Vinyl for the floor

Vinyl floors are quite cheap, therefore, they can be an economical solution to cover the floors in poor condition.

Colorful accessories

If the walls are white or of a neutral color, our advice is that you do not try to change it, there are ways to make the room look attractive and with personality, either with colorful cushions, curtains, paint some furniture or cover them with blankets of beautiful designs.

Collage of pictures

Another way to personalize a wall is through a large collage of photos, pictures or printed sheets of your liking.


If the windows are small, a barral hangs much larger than the width of the window and close to the ceiling. In this way it will seem that the window is much larger and will dress much more the environment.

Creative decoration

Many times it is not necessary to spend fortunes to obtain good results in decoration, it only takes good taste and good eye to choose the right combination of colors or those furniture with potential. Take a look at these photos, where we see that it has been decorated with an emphasis on creativity.

Impact furniture

It invests the greatest capital in some furniture of high visual impact and of good quality. In case you are renting, keep in mind that the furniture will go with you the day you decide to move, while the improvements you have made to the property will always be expenses without return, because they will stay there once you have left looking for new horizons.

Recycled furniture and accessories

Do you bored bedrooms perfectly combined, where everything is coordinated and symmetrical? Here we see a bedroom with two bedside tables on either side of the bed that are different, and yet look fabulous.

You can find good bedside lamps and other interesting accessories in thrift stores, just remember to look for complementary tones to maintain some harmony in the set.

Add a personal touch to low-cost furniture, like this headboard made with two wooden doors, which looks like a very original piece.

Traditional desks do not look good when it comes to creating a home office. A personalized desk like this, is much more chic and cozy and certainly cheaper.


The kitchen is another place that usually gives problems, usually the storage space is insufficient, which can be solved with moveable furniture that today are the trend, as bars for breakfast or lunch, stools, tables of arrime or even extendable tables . It seeks to optimize the existing maximum and adds shelves or steel bars to hang utensils and pans.

Use industrial-style metal shelving to have extra storage space in the kitchen, if your apartment cupboards are not very generous. Use baskets or a collection of jars to store ingredients in a decorative way or organize crockery or accessories that look good.

Maintaining order and control of all elements in the kitchen is essential. Use baskets, hooks and open shelves to keep the utensils organized and at hand in the kitchen, thus avoiding the full and scrambled drawers. The pots of colors are a good investment because they can be exposed on the shelves.


Vintage houses have a lot of charm, if you can not modify it, then the best thing will be to take advantage of the original elements and instead of hiding them, enhancing them or finding an alternative solution.

Decorating with colors is an economical solution, quickly catching the eye helping to disguise what you do not like. Find a color scheme that you like and combine the bathroom curtains, towels, the mat to get out of the shower and some accessories.

You can take advantage of the free spaces of the walls of the bathroom to place cheap but beautiful stanterias. the space with a low shelf to store the essential objects that exist in every bathroom.

You can also decorate with vintage lamps or paintings.

Baskets, flowers, candles, many are inexpensive accessories that can be used in the bathroom.


Good lighting can completely transform a room, and does not necessarily have to be a wired ceiling fixture. Invests in lamps to place on tables, bedside tables and side tables. Floor standing lamps are ideal for lighting dark corners or for hanging over sofas. The old wood can be used to create impressive lamps.

This floor lamp, for example, was made with an old tripod camera.

A set of colored wires, they are also very cheap and can decorate in a great way.


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