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Colander fashion

Originality does not necessarily require a design sophisticated or overly complicated. Indeed, sometimes the simplest and most linear ideas can be the most elegant solution. A case in point: DIY lamps, made with colanders and kitchen bowls.

Perhaps you never thought about it, but among the kitchen utensils, you will find lots of interesting ideas for decoration. Free your imagination and imagine different ways of using everyday objects. Starting from aesthetics, you can invent a new use that you didn’t have at the beginning.

In this sense, the shape of the colanders allows them to be a perfect base for using them with a decorative function. Try to create yours too DIY lamps with a colander, a grater or a bowl. You will add an original and fashionable detail to your home.

Colander and bowls: when the function turns into decoration

DIY lamps with colored colanders

Looking at a colander, maybe you can’t see it as a decorative object, but only because the right idea is missing to transform it into a fun and unusual object. Obviously, it is an object that we are used to use daily in the kitchen. But what if it’s not just this?

Today we will tell you how to change perspective and to transform a simple colander into an original furnishing element. Although it may seem to you a somewhat eccentric idea, you will see that this object, far from its original function, can become an aesthetic element in a totally different context.

The same thing can be said of a bowl, one of those that you normally use to serve at the table or to preserve fruit. There are ceramic, plastic or glass bowls and each of these can be used to create DIY lamps, if you follow our advice.

Any object has an artistic side within it.

1. DIY lamps with colanders

DIY lamp

If we want to build a lamp with a colander, the best ones are the metal ones, especially since the material is of quality and resists the heat of the bulb. What are the steps for these DIY lamps?

  • The colanders typically have a truncated cone shape, with side holes and handles at the ends. You will need to open a hole in the base to be able to insert the light bulb and the cable. Make sure that all the elements are well fixed and that the electrical installation is correct.
  • The light will filter outwards through the holes in the colander but above all, it will illuminate downwards, also taking advantage of the fact that the bell reflects the light of the bulb directly.
  • Generally, the colanders are of a single color. This allows you to give the space a chromatic touch by choosing a classic metal model or by opting for a more original solution with a bright color. A touch of joy for your space.
  • You can also use plastic colanders, but you have to be careful not to overheat them, because they could get damaged.

2. DIY lamps with bowls: a quick and easy do-it-yourself

From bowl to lamp

In reality, turning a bowl into a lamp is not difficult, either manually or aesthetically. Why? Mainly because the same shape of the bowl fulfills the function of a lampshade.

As for the colanders, the metallic models are the best, both for the resistance and for the solidity of the material. Furthermore, they do not suffer from overheating problems.

There is only one counter: making a hole in the bottom of the bowl may not be so easy and sometimes it is necessary to contact a locksmith.

As for the aesthetic aspect, it is quite simple to create DIY lamps with bowls, because they adapt to any style of furniture. The shape is simple, the minimal line and the modern look, which combines with any room.

You can choose any type of bowl; even those that you normally use in the kitchen.

3. What if we wanted to use wooden bowls?

Lamps with wooden bowls

Wood is a material that we are used to seeing in decorative elements, such as containers, sculptures, or furniture, but can it also find space between the lamps? The answer is yes! In fact, wood can be sculpted and shaped to take on any shape.

The light of this type of lamps, thanks to the color of the wood, is warm and delicate. A way to get a design elegant and innovative.

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Colander fashion

Originality does not necessarily require a design sophisticated or overly complicated. Indeed, sometimes the simplest and most linear ideas can be the most elegant...