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Colors for garden

Colors for garden

The color in our home is a very important factor, just by adding a little color, a room can change completely. The use of a suitable palette is able to create a more animated place or generate the feelings that you are looking for. That’s why we advise you how to choose colors for the garden.

You can use a wide range of colors, you just have to learn to combine them with each other and create harmony. This is why we show you some ideas that will surely inspire you.

Color accents for dark or neutral gardens

For a garden where the dark color predominates, it is perfect to add a vibrant color like bright blue. To combine you can use garden accessories in the same color but in a paler shade. It is recommended to use bright colors only as an accent, that is, sprinkled here and there, but it should not be the predominant color otherwise the space would be saturated.

In the example we see in the above photo, the neutral color of the walls and wooden floors predominates, so, to add interest, upholstery and accessories of strong colors have been used. In addition, strong colors combine perfectly with nature.

You can create a fun and modern garden with quirky colors and sculptures, and it is not necessary that the interior rooms of your home have the same style. On the contrary, this highlights the change of an interior space in the open air. Vibrant colors like orange-red in a garden without much vegetation, makes a very enjoyable space. The orange looks very well accompanied by gray and wood.

If you choose a very vibrant color like lime green, it is good to use another bright color but without recharging the space. The most indicated color is white.

Yellow walls

To achieve an elegant garden there is nothing better than a subtle color like a soft yellow. It is perfect to have a garden lit all year round, both in summer and winter. To complement, simple garden accessories can be used.

Pastel colors with warm accents

Soft and pastel colors are very elegant in a garden. But also, complement with warm colors through the accessories is perfect to give a different touch to the garden. A good example is this umbrella and the orange cushion.

Lime green walls for small gardens

The green walls are usually a perfect complement for a small garden. Contrary colors such as red can be used in some details to generate visual interest.

Colorful accessories

Dividing areas in the garden with bright colors is a good idea to give a different touch to the garden and create two different areas.

Add a lot of color in furniture and crockery, make all the color is in the elements, while nature is dark. Both things create a perfect contrast without overshadowing the other.

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