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3 ideas to customize metal chairs

In this article, we show you 3 ideas for customize metal chairs in an easy and creative way. Perhaps you have kept some old chairs in the garage that you want to reuse, or simply want to change the look of those that are in perfect condition. In any case, these tips will help you give them a creative touch.

Renewing spaces and taking care of the objects we use every day is very important. The metal chairs are durable, robust, modern and ideal for decorating spaces with an industrial or eclectic style. They are also ideal for the patio, the courtyard and the garden. Here 3 ideas for customizing metal chairs.

3 ideas for customizing metal chairs

1. Paint the metal chairs

If you wish to paint your metal chairs, you will first have to sand the surface. Try to eliminate impurities, old colors and rusty parts. It is essential to remove dust and clean the surface with a slightly damp cloth. Later, you can proceed to paint the chairs.

Choose the synthetic enamel shade you like best. You can paint the chairs with the original metal tone or a color you like. Here are some original techniques to personalize your metal chairs and give them an original touch.

Green metal chair
Choose two colors

You can choose to paint the chairs of a single color or choose different colors to decorate them. A very pleasant alternative is to paint the entire surface of the chair in a dark tone, like gray or black. After, paint the back and part of the legs with a very bright color, such as red or yellow: will give a very original touch to your metal chairs.

One color, many shades

Another alternative to paint metal chairs is to choose a color and use different shades. Play with the different shades, internal and external, of the surface of the chair. For example, you can paint the inside backrest, the seat and the outer surface of the legs in dark blue and then the rest of the blue surface.

Following this technique, you can play with chairs and paint them in different colors: your spaces will be fun and colorful!

The slate paint

Another very original alternative is to apply the slate paint to the back of the chair. You can paint the rest of the surface in brilliant black. With the slate paint, you can write or draw the exterior of the back with chalk. It is an excellent alternative if you have small children who draw throughout the house.

2. Use other materials

After painting the metal chairs, you can use other materials to give them more personality. We show below some original ideas.

The wooden seat

If the surface of the chair allows it, it is possible to place a wooden plaque on the seat. In this way you will apply a warmer material to the metal. This combination of materials is ideal for industrial aesthetic environments, for example.

The fabrics for the backrest

If the chairs have a hollow or open backrest, you can apply a nice fabric. Choose a sturdy material such as waxed thread, for example. After painting the metal chairs, proceed creating a braided backrest weave. Feel free to combine many colors to give your chairs a creative and original touch. In this way you will cover the backrest vacuum and combine two different materials together, but which will generate a very fashionable contrast.

3. The cushions to customize the metal chairs

Metal chair cushions

A slightly more flexible alternative is to use cushions to personalize metal chairs. You can position the cushions and remove them easily or fix them with a sticker. Another alternative is the cushions with the laces to tie to the back. In this way, they will be fixed on the metal chairs and you can easily remove them when you want to wash or change them.

That the metal chairs have dark or very light shades, the best option is to use cushions in bright colors. In this way you will give vitality and color to your spaces. Moreover, the game of contrasting tones will be very beautiful.

It is easy to customize metal chairs: you can paint, restore and add different materials. The result will be very beautiful, both inside and outside. Play by combining the colors you like the most and dress your spaces with wonderful materials.

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