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Decorate bedroom with little money

Bedroom decoration

Decorating the bedroom with little money, good taste and a lot of style, can be very simple, if you have the creativity to do it. We’re not suggesting you completely remodel or buy all the new furniture and accessories, but some small changes can go a long way in revitalizing the space. Therefore, we bring you some proposals to give a renewed air to your bedroom.

Add an accent wall

Adding a single accent wall can be a very simple way to add style to the room and save money on materials.

Decorate the wall with vinyl

For those who do not intend to repaint the wall and intend to decorate the bedroom with little money, a very easy way to achieve this is by gluing decorative vinyl on the walls. For this choose the shapes and colors of your taste and get along with the other tones in the room, to ensure that the result is what they expected.

It is an easy way to give personality to the decoration, and can be applied on walls, floors or furniture. In an instant you can achieve an elegant and fun decoration, effortless and low cost money. Also, if you get bored you can easily take it off without damaging the surface.

Add a reading corner

Adding a reading corner can give the room a lot of style, plus it will make it a more cozy and comfortable space. All you need to do is clear one of the corners of the room and add a comfortable chair, or an old restored armchair; The latter are very fashionable.

Incorporate a plant

If your bedroom receives an adequate amount of light, the addition of the plants is a quick and easy way to improve the space. If you do not get enough light, a sprig of fresh flowers on the night table or desk is an easy way to add a touch of flashy color.

Change layer clothes

This simple change, although it may seem insignificant in the room, can be a simple and inexpensive way to bring the bedroom to life. With a piece of striking fabric, or with different pieces of leftover fabrics (which every house has), a nice new quilt can be made, and even matching cushions.

You can add a lot of style to the decoration through materials and textiles, for example, you can use bedding that attracts a lot of attention in an elegant and sophisticated way. The crochet in an elegant color is responsible for giving the room a lot of style.

Create a shelf

A floating platform above the bed or an unadorned wall can be used to place small candles, your books, ornaments or so many things that you may be interested in placing there, as a way to further encourage the environment.

Color accessories

Many people keep their bedrooms in a neutral color, so the best way to add color is through the accessories. Anything, from vases, lamps, frames for photos among many others, can be incorporated in your room, with bright and intense colors.

Vibrant and intense colors in home accessories such as cushions, carpets or curtains, on the other hand, can become the best way to add interest to these spaces, injecting a bit of vitality.

Playing with paint

We do not mean to paint the entire room (although this is another great way to improve your space), we refer to smaller things like furniture. A dressing table or bedside table can be completely transformed by a new coat of paint in a bright color. Choose a color of your taste and that is compatible with the color scheme in your room, to give life through it to a piece of furniture that went unnoticed.

Painting on doors or windows is another way to add a lot of style in a short time. Most of the time we keep our doors simple and boring without realizing that they are a key element that can add a lot of style.

Economic art

Implementing a work of art can be very cheap, if you take advantage of your own imagination, to build it yourself. Or you can use a photograph with a nice accent frame in your room, without spending almost anything. Most of the materials you can use insurance are found in your own home.

Pictures and photos are a decorative element that works very well when it comes to giving personality to a wall. You must learn to play with colors and sizes so that the decoration really makes you look good.

Vintage elements

A tip that can be very useful for an economic decoration, is the implementation of old reconstructed elements, since the old pieces usually have a lot of style and at the same time reconstructed with modern elements, almost always end in an interesting piece.


As well as decorating with fabrics you can add a lot of style to your rooms, without the need of a great expenditure of money, you should simply let your imagination fly or be inspired by a proposal that you like to create visual interest in your bedroom.

Another alternative decorative alternative, can be to place tulle or fabrics to taste, covering the bed, arranged on a support around it; which recreates a fascinating fantasy space.

Fabrics and upholstery add a lot to the decoration of a room. You can choose a very original fabric to cover your furniture.

Decorative bedside table

The night table is probably one of those bedroom furniture to which we do not pay much attention, however, if we use a decorative, we will achieve a radical change in the bedroom. At first it does not fit into the first purchases for the house and then when we choose it, we usually look for something functional, that is in tune and with that we settle. It’s not bad, but if you want to add a bit of style to your home, you may be interested in seeing some different cheap options to replace these classic tables.

When budgets are scarce, it is where you can find the best results; almost anything that serves to support a lamp will come well, so you will find things as unthinkable as ladders, trunks and old suitcases, one of the segments where you get to better results.

If you like to stay in bed after getting up and having breakfast there, maybe you should opt for this practical idea, focused for lovers of such a delicious pleasure, as it is to eat something sweet and a good coffee, quiet in bed.

You can decorate boring and simple furniture using decorative wallpaper and paint. You must create contrast in the room through an original furniture design, created by you.

Weird designs can be found in any furniture house and in that way we would add a dose of modernity to the room.

Do not get carried away by the comments that classic ideas have no appeal; That is a lie, since here we show you one, which is very beautiful and perfectly combines with the environment.

Remember also, that there will always be something new to use as a light table and a clear example of it, is this milk tank, like those used in the dairy farms, before taking them to the processing plants.

The decoration in our home can be very boring if we do not look for ways to add style. The painting we choose for a room will undoubtedly add a lot to the decoration of the room, but it is important to bear in mind that by painting we are not decorating. We must play with the accessories in the room. To help you and inspire you, here we show you ideas to decorate.

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