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Decorate the house hall: take ideas to renew it!

It may not be the home space you pay the most attention to, but it is the first one you see every day when you cross the door – and the first one your visitors see. How is the entrance of your house? We have compiled a few ideas to decorate a hall and give it a more current touch with some of the trends that dominate the decoration stores we like: XXL plants, ethnic prints, accessories with a Nordic touch … tell us if you miss something in the comments!

A console with an industrial touch

A beautiful wooden board and metal legs. You do not need much more to give a modern industrial touch to the entrance of the house. This type of consoles is very fashionable and we understand why. They are great!

If you like this scroll, you can buy a table of this style in a decoration shop like Kenay Home (first image), or make it yourself by buying the materials separately.

Kenay Home entrance console
Leroy Merlin wood and metal entrance table

Round mirrors to decorate the house entrance

One of those things that is not usually missing at the entrance of the house is a mirror in which to check that everything is in order before leaving. In addition, as the receivers are not usually too large areas, they will serve to give a sense of depth.

There are a thousand ways to decorate with mirrors, but we are left with the smoothness of the lines of round mirrors, which are also an absolute trend. This image is the Stockholm model of Ikea, which has a diameter of about 80 centimeters and costs about 100 euros.

Ikea Stockholm mirror to decorate the hall

And if you don’t want to scratch your pocket, watch the version low cost: you can buy a round mirror, paste it on a thick wooden board that you cut with the same shape and hang it with the help … of a belt! Easy and effective

If you want to see the step by step of this tutorial, here is the link: how to make a wall mirror with a belt.

How to make a round mirror

Decorate the hall with pictures

A very cool option to decorate the first wall that your visitors will see is to create a composition with paintings. You can combine pictures with the same style, as in the first example, or combine different colors and materials, as in the second case. They can be used to put cool pictures, beautiful photos, letters forming a message … it’s up to you to decide 😉

Composition of paintings to decorate the house entrance
Decorate the hall with pictures

XXL indoor plants

Decorating with plants never fails. A large and leafy indoor plant, a beautiful flower pot and you already have half decorated hall. Keep an eye on the type of plant you choose: make sure it is a species capable of living indoors such as Adam’s ribs, ficus or cactus.

If you want some ideas of resistant species, read this: easy-care houseplants.

Cactus to decorate the house entrance
Hall with a large carpet and round mirror

Rugs with bold prints

If you want to give more warmth to the entrance of the house, put a nice carpet. We are clear about our choice in this field: striking, powerful prints that have prominence. Watch out for these two examples that we have found: large rugs, ethnic motifs and warm colors. What do you think?

Carpet for the ethnic motif hall

Wooden benches to sit when you get home

The first thing you do when you get home is take off your shoes? Then you need a comfortable and beautiful bench to sit on. This example of Maisons du Monde is perfect to give a rustic touch to the entrance of the house, combining uneven circular wooden slats and a fabric Animal Print Very cool

Bench with animal print by Maisons du Monde

And if that sitting does not go with you, you can also use a wooden bench to put all those magazines and books that you no longer know where to put. Marie Kondo probably doesn’t like it, but as a decorative touch we love it.

Wooden bench as a book holder for the house receiver

More alternatives Keep an eye on this idea that combines a bench with storage space: you can reuse a wooden trunk and upholster its cover.

Upholstered wooden trunk to turn it into a seat

Hang the keys to never lose them

If you like to always leave the keys in the same place, you can put a beautiful key holder on the walls of your hall. Putting it near the door, always in sight, is a good way to never forget it. This metal wonder is from Urban Outfitters.

Metal key holder

Another option is to make, in addition to the key holder, a set of key rings that combine with the support. In this case, both key locks are made in a manner, but in the first keychains are spheres of the same material and in the second, geometric metal figures. Which one do you like the most?

Set of keychains and wooden keys
Set of key chains and home key holder

Coat racks with a Nordic touch

Fundamental: you need a place to leave jackets, hats, bags … These three examples are, in addition to beautiful, low cost. In the first, they have combined four circular wooden slats, crossing them at the top, as if it were a teepee.

Coat rack with circular wooden slats for the hall

In this case, with a more industrial touch, they have opted to build a donkey for clothes with three copper pipes and a wooden base. Supersencillo, practical – it also has space for shoes – and beautiful.

Coat rack made with copper pipes

This last example is also quite simple: a wooden bar hung horizontally on the wall, with hooks to hang whatever you want. As in the image, it can also be used to place some type of decorative element as a beautiful frame.

Coat rack made with a side wooden slat

Shoemakers for the hall

Do you also like to take off your shoes as soon as you get home? Having a shoe cabinet in the hall always comes in handy to have them well organized. These three wooden ideas will fulfill their function well, and they can also be used as benches.

Bench-shaped wooden shoe rack for house entry
Shoe rack for entry with wooden boxes

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