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Decorated doors + 50 images and many decorating ideas

Decorated doors

If the doors of your house look a little old and lifeless, you do not have to change it and spend a lot of money. We will show you next a large collection of ideas of decorated doors that can serve as inspiration.

Luckily there are always many decoration options, practical, economic and above all very beautiful to see; Among them are decorative papers, vinyl, slate paint, stencilled designs, moldings, among many other options.

Doors decorated with stripes and geometric shapes

When it comes to visual impact, black and white are hard to beat. This daring combination is ideal for large surfaces, such as doors, to offer a very decorative element without saturating the senses. This combination, which usually only applies to black and white furniture, can be combined in one piece, such as a door.

Here is another type of wall-door combination, but this time with only two large areas of different colors in horizontal form. It is important to note that this door and wall decoration is more highlighted when the rest of the elements of the environment, whether paintings or furniture, also follow a similar trend but in other colors that generate a harmonious contrast.

Doors decorated with wallpaper

You can use the wallpaper to decorate the doors.

Animal Print

You can also let your imagination fly and create an animal print based on paint.

Slate paint

Another very original idea, especially practical if children live in the house.


Curtains or fabrics can also be used to decorate doors.


If there is something left for last place when decorating the bedroom, then those are the doors of the closet. Generally they are already placed in most of the houses, so many times we have not had the possibility to choose, and if we have had it, when we need a change of style, we realize that changing all that structure is very expensive. You can use the stencil technique to decorate them, saving a significant amount of money.

Doors decorated with vinyl

If you are a fan for innovating, changing, surprising, then you must be one of the people who, when seeing doors decorated with vinyl, would not hesitate a second before decorating their entire house with the most ingenious, funny and surprising models.

But it is not a matter of making your house a circus, although you have a criterion and a good choice about which doors are more applicable and in which doors you do not; then you can achieve a good flashy and cheerful decoration, to give a little color to the house.

They exist in a standard size, to make it possible to adapt to any door, being able to cut them to adjust them. They are easy to wash, like to take off if one day you want to discard it. And they do not leave the wall of the door with gobs.

Decorative sliding doors

If you are looking to gain space in small environments or looking to achieve minimalist spaces, then sliding doors are the best option. Replacing traditional swing doors with sliding doors is a simple task, although logically you must first choose the sliding door system that suits you best.

Currently, a wide variety of different styles and materials can be obtained in the market, and all of them have the advantage of not occupying a place, so you will gain the space that previously required a swinging leaf for its opening. So you can use them to communicate or, otherwise, separate two adjoining rooms without resigning amplitude, keeping the sliding doors closed or open according to the needs of the moment.

On the other hand, installing this type of doors it is possible to architecturally solve the opening and closing of curved walls. For this, it is good to know that there are different drag systems, highly effective and easy to use, the most common being the external guide, which is often used a lot to connect, for example, the living room with the dining room.

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that the thermal and acoustic insulation of the sliding doors is lower than that of conventional doors, due to the clearance needed at the edges of the leaves by the sliding mechanisms.

With regard to materials, wood and glass are the most used. If you prefer wood, we recommend sliding doors made of veneered wood since they are the cheapest and weigh less, so they are noticeably more stable.

If you are looking for something very modern, then you should opt for aluminum or tempered glass sliding doors. Even if you like a more industrial aesthetic, you can choose to expose the steel elements.

If you have inventiveness and creativity, adding a good paper with drawings, you can generate the illusion of a sliding mural that gives color to a room and why not, that is also what highlights it most.

If you have thought about separating a space in an elegant and modern way, you should take into account this type of doors. A sliding door made of wood or transparent glass is really elegant and practical.

They are a simple and stylish solution.


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