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Ideas for decorating with glass jars

Glass jars are one of the most common objects in our home for the amount of food they contain. If you like decoration and you are looking for an idea to give new life to glass jars that you have not thrown away, today we will give you some ideas to decorate them yourself.

If until now you have got rid of the glass jars empty, you will see that from now on you will keep them for exploit them in many ways and in any corner of the house.

Discover our ideas for decorating with glass jars!

Glass jars in the bedroom

If you thought glass jars could only find space in the kitchen, read on and you will be surprised by them many other uses that you can make of them, even in the bedroom.

Pen or pencil holder

Jar used as a pencil holder

If you are fed up with the classic tinplate pens with drawings above, or if you want your child to have their own personalized and fun jar, indulge in their decoration.

You use acrylic paints to make the base and then paint over the faces of your children’s favorite characters with indelible markers. To make them even more fun, you can add some 3D elements, such as eye-making stickers.

If you don’t want to use paint, buy a fabric with a print that you like and attach it to the inside of the jar.

Candle holder

Glass lanterns jars

Have you ever heard of fairy lanterns? Now you can create one yourself starting from a glass jar and filling it with your favorite candles. To create it have vinyl glue, purple glue and the fairy you want printed on a sheet.

If the idea of ​​the fairy does not tease you too much, you can replace it with the printing of your favorite phrase and decorate the jar opening with a colored cloth.

In the bathroom

Even in the bathroom, crystal jars can gain new life and be exploited in multiple ways.

Containers of make-up products

Glass jars used as containers for the bathroom

Make-up products are often found in most corners of the house, from your room to the bathroom. To make a bit of order and bring them together in one place, use glass jars like containers for brushes, lipsticks or even dispensers for cotton pads.

To decorate them you just need to buy tissue paper. Use a white sheet as a background and glue the shapes you like the most from a sheet of another color.

You can decorate your jars with little stars, hearts, stripes or polka dots, depending on your taste. You can also match colors based on the tiles in your bathroom.

Crystal jars for containing toothbrushes

Toothbrush Holders

A basic jar in any bathroom is the one that contains toothbrushes. To decorate it you can use acrylic colors again or try something extra with spray paint, easier to apply. Pay attention to the edges and color changes.

Glass jars in the kitchen as an ingredient holder

Glass jars for spices

A perhaps obvious but inevitable suggestion is to use glass jars in the kitchen to store different ingredients and always keep them available. Personalize them so as not to confuse salt with sugar anymore. organizing everything in a creative way.

Since in this case the jars will be used often and could get stained, decorate them in a very simple way. First of all, give a coat of glass enamel or use the acrylic colors again to write the name of the ingredient; secondly decorate them with a simple ribbon of the color with which you wrote the name, knotting it on the opening of the jar.

Glass jars as flowers or plants

Miniature gardens

A good idea to reuse glass jars is to use them as a pot for plants. Being in contact with the earth and water, in this caseor it is not advisable to decorate them too much but limit yourself to some decorative element, like a green leaf or small plastic ladybugs to make the jar nicer.

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