Home Furniture + Accessories Decoration Art Deco: photos and ideas

Decoration Art Deco: photos and ideas


The Art Deco style, which was born in the period between the first and second world war, today is again booming, as decoration trends have made a strong increase in popularity. The main characteristics of Art Deco decoration are glamor and opulence, in addition to always seeking a balance between forms and functionality. That is why we present in the present post several ideas that will help to bet on this style.

Ideas for an Art Deco decoration

The success of this style is that it recovers the best of the 20s, which gives us softness and exuberance, two concepts that, although they are usually opposite, offer the best to our spaces when presented in combination.


Lighting is one of the concepts that becomes crucial to reach this style. All types of luminaires on walls, tables and furniture become vitally important to recreate warm and sensual spaces at the same time.

Luminaries with sunburst patterns are another of the most characteristic elements.


Polished materials, super bright, as is the case of chrome and brass, also become essential in spaces.


Angular patterns and staggered figures are another of the great protagonists of this rich and seductive style.

Mix of Pop Art and Art Deco

Accustomed to the classic decorative styles in the home, to find ourselves with such different things, can generate two clear sensations. One is the surprise and the attraction towards that something that goes away from the rules and breaks with absolutely everything, bringing you something totally new, or dislike, for the lack of taste to combine such different things.

Waiting for you to be in the first group, is that below we will see an example of home decoration in these two styles.

The first is based on comics, advertisements and all kinds of pop art, mixed in a surreal, very abstract way, taking seriously everything. Or on the contrary, adding much deeper messages through unthinkable decorations. For its part, the Art Deco, was a style that sought to break with the architectural and decorative rules of the 20s, finding new ways to design and decorate, a rejoicing between decoration and functionality.

Returning to our images, well, one says more than a thousand words. Slate walls with all kinds of scripts and drawings, the most varied art, paintings, photographs, newspaper clippings, statues painted with fluorine, old and modern fused lamps and cushions of any kind you can imagine.

Each corner can give a little more, achieve a little more, surprise much more. If you have noticed, in every corner you always see some fascinating element. Decorative crows, a miniature replica of a Volkswagen combi, phrases or even an old statue, with a modern hat and a painting where there seems to be a woman who touches her head.

No space is saved; the kitchen can be very well achieved; Yes, space is needed, since the first thing in this case is the functionality and then the decorative complement.

Art Deco decoration in purple and violet

In itself it is a style that has a lot of charm to offer in the most diverse spaces and in lilac and violet it really becomes irresistible.

The characteristic curves and reliefs of the style gain even more importance and prominence when they are dyed of these two beautiful colors. As happens with furniture of unusual silhouettes when they are painted or upholstered in these shades.

In addition, depending on the details of the style we focus on, the spaces will become classic or modern. The current world gives us so many decorative possibilities, that we can perfectly adapt the style to our taste and needs.

You can see a huge variety of accessories and details giving life to the decoration, ranging from flower paintings in the tones of decoration, beautiful bouquets of natural flowers, to sophisticated details in gold, for those looking for more elegant interiors.

Art Deco style for the bathroom

This style began in Paris in the 1920s and is an eclectic and design style, very popular, which can be appreciated a lot in hotels and luxury residences, as it represents elegance, glamor, modernity and functionality. For those looking for an elegant style in their bathroom, this may be the ideal style.

And if you think it will be difficult to find pieces in this style, keep in mind that there are already many modern plumbing manufacturers that choose the design of minimalist and luxury aesthetic products of this beautiful style; and you can also take advantage of the great popularity that bright furniture is currently having, to get them at more affordable prices.

You will see how with these few elements, you will have enough to give the bathroom a look with a lot of style.


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