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Decoration of Bathrooms: photos and easy ideas

Decoration of bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most necessary places in the house, since in addition to being functionally essential, we can give ourselves the pleasure of a relaxing bath, those days that our body asks for it. Therefore, the decoration of bathrooms is of vital importance to feel at ease, and that is why we present different design ideas for this intimate space.

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most used sites in the house. Through it pass the inhabitants of it, as well as guests and guests, so no one likes to have it badly presented. Decorate the bathroom in a simple way, it is fast, it is something that can be done in a weekend and you can leave the bathroom in tune with the rest of the house.

How to design the toilet

The design of a bathroom requires careful planning and paying close attention to details, especially the sink area, since it is the most important because it is the focus of attention. There are many decisions to make, the design, the style and even the types of sinks and countertops. This six-step process that we show you below, offers you a plan to design this space.

Set the design

Before deciding on colors, finishes and accessories, you should know where the dresser is going and how big it will be. The toilet can be used only for washing, or for sitting. This will depend on the space available and what use you want to give the bathroom.

Many bathrooms have horizontal vanities with closets underneath. These toilets are efficient and make the most of the possible storage and counter space. They also ensure clean lines and an aerodynamic bathroom design.

L-shaped vanities can also be designed, particularly in master bathrooms. While they do not always maximize space (corners are rarely efficient), they offer ample space to move around. Unless used in small bathrooms, L-shaped vanities do not feel cramped.

Determine the number of toilets

You must choose a dressing style that can accommodate the number of sinks you want. If you have enough space, the double sinks are very comfortable, so you should take it into account. Unfortunately, there are often space restrictions.

If you are going to place only one sink, it can be in the center, to the right or to the left. The cabinet beneath it can have standard drawers or doors.

Choose the style

Once you find the design that best suits your bathroom and determine how many sinks you want, the next step is to decide on the design of the sink and the bathroom cabinet. Do you prefer traditional cupboards? An old piece of furniture? A pedestal sink?

If you want traditional cabinets, there are several factors to consider:

  • Do you want to paint it or leave it as factory?
  • Which color do you prefer?
  • What kind of door style do you want?
  • Do you want drawers or doors?

The independent toilets are not attached to any wall and may have open shelves instead of doors. It can also be a floating toilet, which is mounted on the wall and has open space below. If you do not need storage space and are looking for a minimalist design, you can give up the cabinets and simply install a wall mounted countertop.

Choose the correct countertop

If you are buying a pedestal sink or restoring an old piece of furniture, you may be able to skip this step. Most other designs, including cabinets or furniture reconditioned without top, will require some type of countertop.

There are a number of materials available, including granite, quartz, marble, laminate, concrete or wood. Granite and quartz are very popular options for bathroom countertops. Both are durable and high quality materials with beautiful design patterns. The granite should be sealed every one or two years because it is a porous stone.

Softer stones such as marble scratch more easily than granite and quartz and have less tolerance to moisture. Wood and laminate do not always get along well with moisture, but they can be cheaper than stone.

Choose the type of washbasin

The next step is to determine the type of sink, for example, its type of assembly. After that, choose the color and the material, whether porcelain, natural stone or something else.

Luminaires and accessories

It’s time to finish the design with accessories. You must pay attention to the finishes of the furniture, but you must also select the taps, the lighting and the mirror. Most importantly, these should be coordinated with the rest of the design and colors.

Do you want wall lights, wall-mounted lighting or recessed lighting? Do you want a built-in mirror or a decorative mirror that can be easily replaced? What kind of knobs and handles do you want? Do you want a detailed taps design or something more simple and modern?

You must also define the materials of the accessories: bronze, nickel, chrome, stainless steel. And you must also choose a style (traditional, contemporary or modern).

Bathroom decorating ideas


Regardless of the style chosen for the decoration, one element that we see that is repeated in the vast majority of bathrooms is the bathtub. This element gains more popularity every day, given that nothing better after the long working days to which today we are subjected, than to take a pleasant immersion bath. The bathtubs can be decorated with candles, and if your design allows it, you can place vases with flowers or branches, photo frames, statuettes, or any other decorative element on it.


On the other hand more and more is also betting on natural light, since no light is warmer and more comfortable than this one.

But you can also use lighting lamps that combine with the style of the bathroom.


And in some styles you can find even decorated bathrooms with plants, since many of us enjoy contact with nature, and that is why we include in our relaxation space elements that allow us to feel the contact with nature.


The first step before anything is to get rid of all kinds of things that are off a shelf; countertops must be clean. Then choose a color for the bathroom and take the first big leap that is that change of air, bringing new tones to the house. Followed by this, something that seems little, but always plays its important role, is to buy new sets of towels, which combine with the new wall color; It will surely be noticed by everyone who enters the bathroom.

The same thing we recommend doing with the shower curtain. Find one that adds to the combination of towels and wall.


It is very neat to have a special coat rack to place the gowns and not hanging from the door as often happens. The most common decorative elements for a bathroom can be vases, candles, or indoor plants, baskets.

Trends in bathroom decoration

If you are in the process of rebuilding your home and among these reforms, is the bathroom, you may want to know what will be the main trends of construction and decorative currently. If you do not like to follow fashions, we tell you that these trends in particular, are quite classic at the same time, so they can endure over time without problem.

Imitation wood tiles

In this image we see a bathroom that seems made of combinations of wood and tiles, both on the floor and on the walls, but nevertheless, it is more than a coating of wood veneers, with different formats and with a protective layer, in front of the humidity that is generated in the bathroom.

Decoration of bathrooms with original tiles

Anyway, tiles will be the order of the day for decoration, since not only do they give that magical touch of yesteryear, but also, they provide rough surfaces, which prevent us from skating.

Imitation marble tiles

If you want to tilt other types of materials, such as marble, we recommend that you do not keep the first options you find. Nowadays there are excellent options, like this one, which gives luminosity to the bathroom and is ideal to combine with furniture made of natural wood.

Wooden bathroom furniture

And speaking of natural wood furniture, here we have the pleasure of showing, as despite the years, designers still find how to delight with this noble material.

Space for children

It is also very common nowadays, to make in a corner of the bathroom, a space tailored to children, to be able to achieve this, to adapt to different hygiene standards and not be something that they are too lazy to do.

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