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Decoration of recipients – photos and ideas

Decoration of recipients

Every house has circulation spaces, which can be used. In today’s modern houses every centimeter counts, you just have to use creativity and good taste to give them utility. You can be inspired by this gallery of photos of receivers each with their particularities, different dimensions and styles, but all with a personal touch that makes the difference.

There are houses that have hallways or hallways, entrance halls or distribution halls, which add up to many square meters that are wasted. If this is your case, pay attention to the tips below to see which one you can apply in your home.

Furniture and accessories

If it is true that the first impression is the most important, then the decoration of the entrance hall of a house should not be taken lightly. Although it has a very small space, with some simple details, even a boring corridor can be optimized.

We could say that the hall is the letter of presentation of a house, in addition to the place where we deposit everything we bring in our hands: keys, wallets, coats or umbrellas. No matter how small it is, it can be equipped with at least one coat rack, a mirror and a beautiful lamp on the wall.

If we have enough space, the ideal thing is a small furniture of arrime, where you can put portraits, a good lamp, flowers or art objects so that the first thing we see when entering is attractive and cozy. If the place allows it would be very useful to have next to the entrance of a piece of furniture that has storage space, to make room for all those things that are loose on armchairs and furniture in the room.

These furniture can have compartments and hooks that are very useful either for coats, keys, bags, shoes, umbrellas or even logs. And a comfortable bench to sit on to take off or put on your shoes. In this way finding the keys at the last minute before leaving, never again will it be a nightmare.

The small and loose rugs are not recommended because they can be quite dangerous because it is a high traffic area, it is preferable to opt for heavy carpets with adherence and very colorful to give life to the space.

Although the hall is a place of transit, does not mean that we should not pay attention to it, indeed, if we can decorate it in the right way, then you can make it bigger or even smaller, as you need it.

Small receivers

If the hall is very small, then it could be appropriate to place only a mirror, a floor or a lamp. You can place a long tube lamp or a tall plant. You can also place photographs or pictures of the things that we like the most.

If the hall is too narrow and does not allow you to place a piece of furniture, at least you can decorate the walls, with a series of photos either familiar or artistic. You can group them, playing with the sizes of the frames and their location. If you put them in a row, the important thing is to maintain a rhythm throughout the space.

If it has a short corridor shape, you can place a full-length mirror at the end of it to reflect much more deeply.

You must bear in mind that to enlarge an area it must be painted in light colors and to achieve the opposite effect, that is, to make it smaller, it must be painted in dark colors.

Wide receiver

A large hall can be used perfectly for storage if a good built-in cupboard is placed. The place of storage in all houses is always insufficient, therefore, this closet can also be used to hang coats and bags when visitors arrive at the house. Another type of furniture that you can include can be: an arrime table, a bookstore, a coat rack, a long bench or even a couple of seats.

If it is a very wide distribution hall and you want to make it narrower optically, you should put pictures along it. Then you must put a carpet along but trying not to reach the end of this. Another thing that also works very well to make a smaller big aisle is to paint it dark.

Long receivers

If it is too long, the wall at the back of the hall should have an important focal element, be it a picture, a floor, an armchair, a large mirror or an art object. This serves as an optical illusion to decrease the length of a corridor. The view focuses on the object simulating a shorter distance, creating the optical illusion that the corridor is not so long.

With ladder

If the hall has a staircase, it is the perfect place to put flowers or a small library.

With very high ceilings

If you notice that the ceiling is too high, then you can place a valance that cuts the wall in half and this will make it look lower.


But the key to the success of any decorator is lighting, and in a space of these characteristics is undoubtedly the key. You can place sconces on the wall, lights directed towards the paintings or mirrors that will reflect the light enlarging the space, or you can use hanging lights in case of having high ceilings.


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