Home Furniture + Accessories Decorative mirrors: photos and decoration ideas

Decorative mirrors: photos and decoration ideas

Decorative Mirrors

The decorative mirrors are, in addition to one of the most common elements in homes, one of the main allies in the decoration of our various spaces. Besides being possessing an enormous versatility, they allow us to benefit from their timeless aesthetic value.

They were always an indispensable complement in homes, but over the years they have become a complement to decoration that is used in many parts of the house. This is because they have acquired a high decorative value that makes it possible to place them anywhere, even to make some areas more spacious with simple decorating tricks.

Decorative mirrors in the entrance door or hallways

The placement of the mirrors is perfect anywhere in the house but there are some areas that ask for it. One of these areas is undoubtedly the front door. The mirror should never go in front of the door, should be placed on the sides of it to see that everything is in order before leaving home.

The hall is the first room visitors see. In addition, it usually has a large number of functions. It can be a place to place coats, shoes, and of course, a mirror should not be missing. Everyone wants to see how he is before leaving. There are many ways to install one or more mirrors in the hall.

Any type of mirror will make the hall look bigger and brighter. A tall mirror on the wall further increases the size of the hall, as it will directly reflect the opposite wall.

A horizontal mirror will have the same magnifying effect. But it also allows the placement of furniture under it. It does not matter if you have a frame or not, but without one, the minimalist effect appears more marked.

But in addition to enlarging our hall, a mirror placed in the right place changes the proportions of it, including the sides. It also accentuates the existing decoration.

Hallway mirrors

Another area for the placement of mirrors that is perfect, is the end of the corridors, but only if they have a normal size or are small. It is not advisable to put mirrors at the end of large corridors because otherwise they will appear to be eternal.

Decorative mirrors in living rooms

They allow us to make our living rooms more spacious and bright, two characteristics that we all want in our home so that the spaces look much warmer and healthier.

On the other hand, the wide variety of offers offered by the current market, allows us all to find a style, shape and size of mirror that suits the style of our different environments.

The incorporation of the same in the walls can remove monotony to them, since they are an efficient and cheap way to add style even in our simplest spaces.

For the more daring, you can use the mirrors as an art form. There is a wide variety of ideas focused entirely on decoration, so you should not be left alone with classic rectangular designs.

At the same time, you should not only look where the mirror is placed, but where it will reflect the lights, in order to take advantage of that same light, to highlight another point of the room, with a special decoration.

Decorative mirrors in bedrooms

It is very common among people, to have the constant desire to want more space in the home, either by tearing down walls, or removing furniture or building more and losing footage in the yard. But in reality, it is not as necessary, or there are many who can not access these changes, and it is for them that here we bring you a simpler solution: use mirrors to expand the space, especially the bedrooms.

Many times, the place to put a mirror is not, and that is why one should have some tricks up his sleeve, such as putting the mirror on the closet door. Whenever you perform multi functions with the same furniture you will be gaining space.

For dark rooms, we recommend the same effect that is achieved in the bathroom, place a mirror that reflects light and landscape of a window or another room, if it is a blind space. It is also convenient in these cases to add some plant that colors the place.

As seen in the image, another option is that of the large mirrors leaning against the wall. These can function as a focal point of a room, and your frame can be chosen according to the style of your home.

Decorative mirrors for bathrooms

For example, in the bathroom it is very common to have a mirror behind the sink. Well, this can be enlarged to double or even to the top of the entire wall, although the option that we recommend is, in the case that you have a window, put a mirror in a mirror that reflects the same landscape that you see through it .

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