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Do you like plants to decorate your house? Discover 4 myths that you can forget

If you love nature and the plant world and you love to use the plants to decorate your home, You are interested in reading this article. Today we are going to tell you some false myths about plants and how to take care of them at home so that nothing stops you in your eagerness to make your living room look like a vergel. Discover what is true and what is not!

plants to decorate

There is nothing like getting some leafy plants to decorate your home with a very special touch. They are the ideal element to put that green note that both like passionate about nature and they are easy to get and take care of, as a general rule (as the exception confirms the rule, I will tell you that there are people among whom I include who are able to end (unintentionally) even with the most resistant species … But surely not it’s your case)

The plants find a perfect place inside the homes, and of course also outside, whether it is a garden or a terrace. Be that as it may, there are many plant species that bring us great benefits. To get started, They transform the atmosphere of a room by adding freshness and purifying the air. That is why it is a great idea to use plants to decorate your home, since as they produce oxygen during the day, they help keep the air cleaner.

plants to decorate

However, not everything that is said about plants is true. Today we bring you 4 false myths that you should know. This way you will feel more prepared and more determined if you want to find plants to decorate any dull and bland corner of your house.

You can’t have plants to decorate if you don’t have much light at home

plants to decorate

Many people believe that indoor plants need a lot of sunlight to live and grow healthy and happy. For this reason, they believe that you cannot grow them at home, unless you have a large window through which they can receive the sun’s rays.

Well, this is the first myth we are going to talk about today. While is true that many indoor species love natural light and they need it, many other plants (and some of them of great beauty) cannot bear to receive it directly. Moreover, the sun’s rays could burn them and spoil them.

Therefore, it is best not to take things for granted and look for the species that can best adapt to the circumstances of your interiors, Don’t you think

Sleeping with plants in the bedroom is harmful to health

Surely you have heard it on more than one occasion, because it is a statement that is often repeated to satiety, despite being only a completely false myth.

It is true that at night plants consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. But nevertheless, the amount of oxygen that is stolen from us is so insignificant that do not pose any danger to our health, even for our night rest. So don’t be afraid to use plants to decorate your room.

In fact, all those who share the bedroom with their partner have to know that this person steals a lot more oxygen from them than a whole regiment of plants, and they don’t think about expelling it from the room, right?

Cacti absorb harmful radiation from the computer

plants to decorate

You may have been one of the many people who once placed a pot with a cactus near the computer because someone told them that these plants were capable of neutralize malignant radiation. I confess that there was a time when I did too.

Well, this is just another fallacy that must be taken apart. Cacti, or any other plant, can neutralize the negative waves of the computer. As much, they bring relaxation and well-being to your life, helping you to eliminate negative vibrations and bad rolls at the mental level, although that is a subjective hit.

Talking with plants makes them grow more and better

If you are one of those who think that talk to the plants or put them music It makes them feel more accompanied and loved and, therefore, they grow more and get prettier, I am sorry to tell you that it is not so. It may help you to tell them about your problems and your worries, that it may be helpful for you to share your thoughts with them. But do not fool yourself, your friends plants what you say leaves them indifferent.

Of course, if talking about them translates into spend more time, take care of them more, pamper them and others, then they will surely thank you very much and will be splendid.

As you can see, there are several myths that surround the care of plants to decorate the house. We just have to take them apart one by one. Thus we will achieve our goal: a fresh, cozy and full of plants house.

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