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Do you want to renovate the floors of your house? Bet on the carpet and you will hit

It may be one of the worst-known floor materials, but the carpet is a lining that has endless advantages To use it at home. Today we are going to explain all those benefits that it brings and you will surely think about it when deciding which type of new floor is best for your interiors. Take note.


If you are one of those who take advantage of summer and vacations to go around the decoration of your home, surely you are already thinking (or even making) some interesting improvements. Today I bring you an idea that can come in handy, especially If the flooring of your house needs a change: Install carpet to completely renew them. You can do it easily, quickly and without works.

The carpet is not a very common material on the floors of Spanish houses (although it is in other countries). It may be because of the bad memories of the past of outdated, old-fashioned carpets, which starred in heavy and ugly floors.

The reality, today, is very different and There are very decorative carpets, capable of providing an incredible dose of elegance and glamor to any space. And not only that. They also offer many other practical advantages that make it a highly recommended material when choosing flooring for your home.

Very comfortable carpet floors

Among all the advantages that carpets offer As a pavement for the house, comfort seems to me one of the most interesting. It is true that it offers other benefits to consider, but the comfort of stepping on a good carpet It is a special feature of this type of soil. No other material can compete with it in this regard, except for carpets that we will not consider as a type of floor.

The carpets are fluffy and that’s why it’s a pleasure to step on them at home. Also, if you choose soft and pleasant touch textile fibers (most are) you will love to walk barefoot on it. This is one of the reasons why the carpet is especially recommended in bedrooms and rest rooms.

Warmer, impossible!

The carpet is one of the floor coverings that brings a greater feeling of warmth to any room It is warm and cozy and it really is, since it is very insulating from a thermal point of view.

It is important to keep in mind that the carpet insulate the ground as few materials, helping keep warm inside the house in the winter. This capacity of isolation, with the saving in heating that supposes, is another one of his more remarkable benefits.

Also isolates from noise


There are people who are especially bothered The noise inside the house. If you are one of them, you will love to have a carpet for the floor. It will provide your rooms with great sound insulation.

And it will not only prevent annoying noises from your neighbors below, or to the lower floors if you live in a two-story house. As well dampens the sound of footsteps and avoid the annoying blows that things do when they fall.

A great variety to choose from


The carpet world is no longer what it was. If you have never thought about renovating the floor of your house with a carpet, you may not know, but there are endless different models and types Among which to choose.

To start, you will have to decide if you want a carpet of natural fibers or if you prefer it to be of synthetic fibers. Each has certain advantages, and the key to success in choosing will be based on your own needs.

The natural fiber carpets are made of wool or cotton. They are soft, fluffy, pleasant to the touch and very decorative. On the other hand, synthetic fibers are very resistant and durable. They are made of materials such as polyester or nylon, and also decorate by themselves.

In addition to these two large groups of carpets are those of plant fibers, that personally seem great to me. They are woven from sisal, jute, coconut fiber, seaweed, etc. What gives them a naturalness without limits. All of them are fresh and light, perfect for summer environments. We love them!

Instalation and maintenance

We arrived at the most practical aspect of renovating the house floor with carpet: how do I install it? It is easy to do? Is it cumbersome? Well, here lies another of the advantages of the carpet. It is installed very simply and without the need for any type of works, since you don’t have to remove the old floor.

The carpet can be fixed to the floor with a specific adhesive for this use or with special velcro. Whichever method is chosen, doing so is very simple. The key to make it perfect is accurately measure the floor of the room (taking into account pillars, columns, etc.), and add to each side about 10 cm to be able to make the auctions in the encounter of the floor with the walls. Get a good cutter that allows you to cut the leftover cleanly.

As for maintenance, and despite the bad reputation of the carpet, it is not especially complicated or tedious, although it is necessary keep it clean by vacuuming it frequently. It is advisable to opt for models that are not too clear, to prevent them from getting too dirty. As for the spots, they are really the weak point of the carpets. If they occur, you will have to remove them as soon as possible with a specific product.

After reviewing all these aspects you will have realized that choosing a carpet for your home, rather than a crazy idea, can be a success. Do you dare to put carpet at home?

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