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Doubts about decoration that assault you without remedy: how to solve them II

Whether you’re furnishing your first home or renovating it from top to bottom, create environments from scratch, or almost, it is not simple. If recently we told you in another article what are some of the most frequent doubts about decoration for most people, today we complete the list with some others that also take the cake.

doubts about decoration

Being an expert in interior design and space creation is not common. Except for people who dedicate themselves to decorating spaces in a professional way, a great majority of us learn over time, after making mistakes in many occasions. It’s normal to be assaulted doubts about decoration That can make us make bad decisions.

doubts about decoration

Anyway, today we continue the article we published a few days ago, trying to respond, with the information provided by specialists in the field, to all these most common decoration questions.

Doubts about decoration: how do I choose the sofa upholstery?

You are in the furniture store and, after sitting and getting up hundreds of times from one sofa to another, you have finally decided on the model that you think is perfect for you. Great! Then comes a delicate moment: that of Choose upholstery. And, of course, the problems and questions begin. What type of fabric do I choose? Will it be soft to the touch? In the small rectangle of the sample that is not appreciated … What should I look at? In color?

No, decidedly it’s not easy to choose the upholstery of the sofa, taking into account, in addition, that it has no turning back and that we will have to stick with the decision for a few years.

So now we are going to give you some small guidelines so that you can emerge victorious from such a company. The first thing is that you have to Touch the fabric to know if it is pleasant to the touch. Ask to be shown another sofa or armchair upholstered with the same fabric, even if the color varies. Then ask what are the washing standards: The sofa fabric must be cleaned well, especially those parts that are not removable. And put your common sense to work. If you have small children or pets at home, you better run away from the colors that are too light and the materials declined, don’t you think?

Lighting, land paid for doubts

It is clear that the lighting of a space is a decisive factor when decorating it. You can create a very special decoration … and spoil it by choosing a bad lighting. Therefore, doubts about decoration in terms of light are really common.

To know the kind of light that is going to an environment specifically, we have to look at the type of room we want to illuminate. In living environments and intimate areas, such as the living room or bedrooms, the best is warm light. For the kitchen we will choose a cold light, which is more similar to that of daylight. And in bathrooms and study areas, neutral light is the best. Always bet on LED technology and, in addition, you will save.

Can I combine different types of wood in the same space?

Although it was believed before, or at least that was what was reflected in decoration, that woods of different shades could never, ever, live together in the same room, time passes and things change. Today is not a sin mix different woods, although it is always easier to gather light wood furniture such as birch, pine or beech.

And, of course, there are certain elements that can be combined with any other type of wood, such as Antique furniture or vintage pieces. This type of furniture, when they are beautiful and special, it is good to put them where you put them.

Do I put several mirrors in the living room or just one?

Decorating with mirrors is a great idea that has endless advantages. In addition to multiply the light and make the room visually more spacious, The mirrors are very decorative by themselves and have many possibilities.

Putting one or more is your decision. You can put an XXL mirror presiding over the most prominent wall of the room, or make A composition with several smaller ones. If you choose several identical mirrors, place them aligned so that they convey a sense of order.

As for the style of the mirrors, it depends on the type of interior design of your living room. They are on the rise of classic lines, that adapt to almost all types of environments (even in very contemporary rooms, to create contrasts). And what about industrialists? And the mirrors shaped like the sun?

These are just some of the many doubts about decoration that we are raised to all at certain times. When this happens to you a good idea to find the right path is to wait for a prudential time, if possible, open your eyes, read and consult, until you have the clearest ideas. Surely throughout this process you will realize that even the most complicated doubt fades if you think things calmly and with common sense. I hope I’ve helped!

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