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Folding wall beds for small spaces

Wall beds for small places

Undoubtedly the folding wall beds are ideal to make the most of the space. The bed usually occupies many square meters, and usually only uses a few hours 8 hours a night, so that footage is unusable during the day. For this reason, folding beds are an option to consider if you want to take advantage of that space.

Modern designs

If you are looking for solutions for the little space you have at home, then maybe you could be observing some of the ideas proposed by Espace Loggia, through its magnificent wall beds, ideal for mono environments, small spaces or rooms of reduced dimensions, in which it is essential to recover that space when the bed is not used. They are a very modern and aesthetic option.

Basically they are the classic bed that we often see in movies, in which they are taken out of closets and magically assembled at night, thus avoiding having them occupying space for the rest of the day. But look well, you can see a clear difference and that these models aim to occupy a space that is not used, which does not happen with the cabinets, which are never others.

The idea is to have a lot of lanes against the wall, to which the bed is attached. When it is necessary to use it, it will move toward the lower part of the lanes; Meanwhile, during the rest of the day, you can climb and lock on the top of the wall, close to the ceiling, allowing you to use the space below, for any other activity, that is more useful during the day.

It should be noted that the system offers all the security and that it can be under the bed, without any fear, since it is specially designed, so that its weight is supported by the beams of the wall.

Classic designs

The ones that we see below, are from the company Sico. The designs are more traditional, but very interesting to consider. It has a system that allows you to adjust the bed as the years go by, for this reason it does not become heavy to lower and lift. On its website you can find many options, both one or two. With shelves, desk or built-in wardrobe, the options are really many and varied. We show you some of the models you can find.

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