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Keys to combine old furniture in modern houses

Surely among your memories of childhood or the most familiar, you have in mind some piece of marked character that was always present over the years at the home of your parents, grandparents or some other loved one. And maybe at some point some of them have fallen into your hands and giving you a second chance integrating it into your home has passed through your head. Thoughts like Where am I going to locate that? or I love it but it doesn’t hit me with a tail they will have hovered your head to the point of “parking” that precious piece of furniture with history in some corner to (again) end up falling into oblivion. So today, In a display of encouraging you to let them see the light, I bring you the keys to combine old furniture in modern houses to show you how much they are able to do for the design of any of your interior spaces. Don’t lose detail that we started!

antique furniture in modern houses

A touch of yesteryear in your auxiliaries

A subtle and original way to incorporate old furniture in modern houses, is to accommodate auxiliary pieces in which the prominence of the space does not fall but that give time a unique and characteristic touch to the room A trunk, a bench, a bedside table or side table, a mirror with a hearth … And you don’t mind that the hue of the wood is completely different from what you have at home. His style is also different and you have not rejected it, right?

antique furniture in modern houses III

Corners like no other

There are small spaces that shine with their own light from the first moment. Those to those who give place almost without realizing it and that make up elements that we love, are part of us and their presence makes us feel extremely good. Its decoration is also a piece of cake. Everything flows almost by magic around him. You know what I mean? For those are precisely those worthy of wearing pieces of high sentimental load.

antique furniture in modern houses VIII

Contrasts with a lot of charm

Having restored furniture to achieve a unique and exclusive decoration will always be assured. Do it for protecting them while still retaining their aesthetic of yesteryear will be as touching as genuine. But if you feel like giving them a twist in order to integrate them into your daily life in the most original and varied ways, they will also be welcome!

antique furniture in modern houses II

Pieces of marked value for today and forever

If they have an advantage far above any other element of current furniture, it is their marked timelessness. And it is that once they exceed certain years (this already depends on the style you pursue and the sentimental value of each piece in question) its incorporation into our interior design will always be equally welcome. Another option may be to acquire pure and hard antiques, whose value and interest will only increase with the passing of the years.

antique furniture in modern houses VII

Antique furniture in modern houses: And encourages positive nostalgia

You will only understand this section if you dare to accommodate one of these pieces in your home. And they have a life behind them that seems to be transmitted in ours almost from the first moment. If this piece is also related to your family or your own personal story, I won’t even tell you. Seeing exponentially grow comfort, harmony and well-being through it will be sewing and singing.

antique furniture in modern houses IV

Focus on it all the prominence of space

If far from the subtleties, what you want above all is to proclaim to the undisputed protagonist piece of space, let no more be spoken! A large furniture item, with many years and marked visual weight will be everything you need to get it. The rest will be complements that “neither fu nor fa”. Of course, if you put the icing on the cake decorating it with what you like to wear at home, you will get the ideal combination!

old furniture in modern houses VI

Aesthetics of before with function of now

Adapting the aesthetics of yesteryear to our current needs will help you incorporate these pieces into your daily life in the most original and casual way. Look at what has given rise to this beautiful daybed loaded with history! Don’t you think the tuning to which they have submitted it is ideal?

antique furniture in modern houses IX

Color to your monochrome

In rooms where you only light a color in different shades, its incorporation may surprise you very pleasantly. And if not, you’re always on time to paint the piece of another color, don’t you think?

antique furniture in modern houses V

As you can see and contrary to what it might seem to you at first, incorporating old furniture in modern houses is possible. Give them the attention they deserve, give them the opportunity to have a second life and you will see how much they can do for the aesthetics and harmony of your home!

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