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Golden tips to plan your home decoration successfully

The decoration of a house is a challenge that most of us have to face sometime throughout our lives. Resorting to a professional interior designer is not as usual, so at one time or another we will have to Plan the decoration of our spaces. Today I want to review some expert tips that will help you achieve the best results.

plan the decoration

If you have ever seen yourself in the situation of having to plan the decoration of a room, you will surely know that it is not as easy as it may seem. Although we want the process to be fast, effective and give us the best results, the truth is that Decorating takes time. It is no use trying to do it as soon as possible, quickly and running, except to realize at the end that we have made more than one major mistake.

That is why the recommendation is clear: if you are going to decorate your living room, whether for the first time or not, the best thing you can do is take things easy. Before stepping on a store, or moving the mouse if you are one of those who prefer to buy online, Spend enough time to think, to reflect, to plan. It is the only way to hit the target.

Plan the decoration of a space

plan the decoration

When we propose to change the interior design of a space, or to furnish and decorate it from scratch, we already have in mind What we like and what not. However, these initial ideas are not enough to put into practice. Before ordering the furniture or painting the walls, we must look at the space available with the eyes of a professional.

It is advisable to try define what space is like, Observe the light you have at every moment of the day. You also have to measure it thoroughly, several times if necessary. That is the first step when planning decoration.

The moment of the questions

plan the decoration

Once we have measured the room we want to decorate, it is time for questions, one of the most important. It’s about thinking without rushing about the goal that moves you and, to do so, it is effective ask yourself some important questions that will help you make a fairly reliable scheme of how you want your new room to be.

To begin, try to define with all the adjectives that you can think of How you want that new space to be. Make a list and think about the elements that will help you achieve that result.

And then ask yourself what requirements do you want me to meet said space, what needs to meet. Ask yourself what you want to change in your current room, what would you eliminate at a stroke and what things you would like to keep. And take note of everything. These reflections will be the best starting point to plan the decoration of the new space.

In addition, there is a question you will have to think about now and it is The budget you have. It is essential to take it into account from the first moment.

Create your own visual scheme

You may be very clear about what you want and what you don’t, but it may be difficult to realize it in practice. Well, that’s much easier if you have a visual reference of what you want to achieve May I inspire you.

To create it, it is best to resort to platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram, searching these social networks for environments you are attracted to. Invest time in this phase of the process and save images that captivate you, that inspire you … Go hunting for ideas that you would like to make yours, elements that you find interesting, color palettes that excite you.

Pencil and paper

We arrived at one of the key moments in the process of planning the decoration of a space: put everything on our head on paper. That visual representation of our ideal room we want to achieve.

You may not be good at drawing, don’t worry! It’s not about making complex and realistic sketches, but about create small schemes That are practical. Start by drawing the floor of the room and try to respect the proportion, taking into account the measures. This will help you assess what furniture you need, what dimensions they should have, etc.

Idea boards, a great element

Create moodboards or idea boards is one of the things that will help you choose the decoration of a space. To do this, you have to look at catalogs and navigate through online decoration stores in search of those furniture and decoration pieces that you need and that you like the most, and that fit your budget.

You can go out to visit the decoration shops of your city, or sit in front of the computer. Anyway, the goal is Find things you like and see how they combine with each other. Go setting up a board placing photos of the pieces and so you will be clear about what works and what does not. And do not close in band before anything. Better explore without prejudice the wide decorative universe that opens before you … And enjoy it!

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