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How many hours do you spend tidying up your house? Ikea presents his study “Order and time”

One day the keys do not appear. The next day you can’t find the mobile. The other you don’t know where you put the sunglasses … Recognize it: You spend much more time than you would like looking for the things you lose for your home. But do you know exactly how much? Now you can discover it thanks to Ikea and his latest study “Order and time”. If you want, of course.

order and timeAm I an orderly person? Do I spend a lot of time tidying up my house? And looking for everything I miss in it? Do I live happily with my order / disorder? Surely you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, especially if you don’t live alone. However, we are not always able to find the answers (the real ones, of course). Well, thanks to Ikea, and his initiative “Order and time”, now we can all know Whether or not we are orderly people.

But not if we think we are ordered, no. The answer will be completely objective, since the great Swedish firm has dedicated a complete study carried out together with the company Sigma Dos to try to get Radiography of order in the Spanish. Today we tell you what the results are. You’ll be surprised!

“Order and time” or how the Spaniards behave against order

order and timeAccording to Ikea’s study Almost half of Spaniards usually lose things at home at least once a week. Even 30% are more careless and often lose things 3 or more times a week. Don’t you think it’s amazing?

If we translate these results into time accounted for, it turns out that 60% of respondents declare that they use 10 minutes to find what they lose at home, and 20% spend up to 20 minutes on that task.

In general, we can say that the Spaniards, on average, spend no less than 65.9 minutes each week looking for lost things at home. Or what is the same, 2.38 days a year. Or 5,000 hours throughout our life … It’s like to think about it, right?

Our perception of order

order and timeBe as we are, more or less ordered, the worst thing is that our perception of order, and the relationship we have with it, takes its toll. The fact of not having it, that our spaces are scrambled and neglected causes us to be stressed, upset, uncomfortable or angry. Until we discuss with ours (half of the respondents in the study “Order and time” admits having had a quarrel with a member of his family because of objects that are lost at home).

In order to solve this problem, Ikea puts at our disposal the necessary tools. First, so that we are aware of the problem. And then, it facilitates us all the solutions we need to create order in the bedrooms, in closets, drawers, etc.

First, know the truth

The first step in solving a problem is to be aware of it. Know that you have it and what are its dimensions. And to achieve this Ikea has launched, together with the study “Order and time”, The first easy-to-use tool that helps you know how tidy or messy you are Really.

To help you really know how much time you spend looking for the things you lose in your home, the mathematician Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón, Professor at the University of La Rioja and last driver of the program Laika orbit In La 2, he has created a formula capable of finding the result accurately.

This formula relates the different factors involved in the equation: the personal factor (if you are orderly or not), the context (if you live alone, if you have children or teenagers, etc.), the number of things you have at home, and the solutions to store them. The result is SÖCKBOT, Ikea’s first chatbot that will tell you exactly the time you spend looking for your lost things in your home. Do you dare to discover it?

How to remedy the problem

Once we are clear if ours is something that “needs improvement” or, on the contrary, it is a problem in every way, The search for solutions will be much easier. Ikea also helps us a lot, since its catalog is full of endless options for order to become the dominant feature in our spaces.

Furniture, accessories for closets, accessories for clothes, toys, living room storage, solutions for the bathroom or kitchen … Ikea is one of the largest experts in order and there you can find all kinds of Tailored items for you to stop losing things at home, and invest your time looking for them. So you can spend those precious hours in other activities much more pleasant, for example, enjoy life. Do not you think much better?

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