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How to choose the most suitable pool robot

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in which to cool off in summer you will also be aware of how tedious its cleaning and maintenance can be. Fortunately, current technology has developed smart robots They can make this task much more bearable. These are the available models and the aspects to consider to choose the most suitable pool robot for your needs.

The price of pool robots

One of the first things you’ll notice when you start looking for a pool cleaner is the price disparity. Until recently, robots were very basic with few cleaning options and settings. This is not like that.

Currently, pool robots they are able to recognize the shape of the glass and schedule its cleaning in consecuense. You should not worry about the extension of the fund not from the corners of difficult access, the robot will take care of it. Of course, sophisticated cleaning processes cost more money but are worth it when looking for a good performance.

Pool size and material

The size of the pool is a factor that cannot be ignored. Even high-end cleaners are programmed for a given size. It is important to choose the pool robot adequate to the size of it to obtain a good result. The material of the pool liner can also determine the type of robot you need.

Some cleaners specifically indicate the type of material for which they are indicated. On the contrary, others claim to be universal but still can damage the finishing material, especially if it is fiberglass or vitrified tiles.

Cleaning and energy efficiency programming

The maintenance of the pool means an increase in the electricity bill. A correct cleaning schedule and a pool robot energy efficient They can be an economic relief. Many of the models can be programmed to control from the mobile phone or a tablet. There are those that are connected to the mains, those that incorporate an autonomous battery and those that are connected to the sewage pump.

A good grip on the wheels

In order to guarantee a good cleaning the pool robot must properly grip the bottom and especially to the walls of the glass. If the wheels cannot guarantee adequate grip, the robot will float and will not fulfill its function. You can find them specific for funds and those specialized in cleaning the walls.

The cleaning cycle time

It’s important to know how long does the pool robot need to complete a cleaning cycle. Manufacturers usually indicate times depending on the size of the pool. It is usual to use an average of two hours but it can take ranges of three to four hours. There are totally autonomous and manuals that require your manipulation.

The high range of the pool robot

If you do not want to repair expenses and want to have the latest in the market, you Pool robot is the Dolphin Carrera 20 automatic cleanerThis robot has sophisticated algorithms to make its use as easy as possible. Has a programation advance It adapts to the shape and size that allows access to the entire vessel. It has a high-end brush with a pattern of movements that guarantees the absorption of dirt. The programming function allows you to select cleaning dates and times. Energetically, it is the most efficient in the market. It is recommended for pools up to 15 meters in length.Works connected to the mains with a 15 meter cable. Its price ranges between € 700 for background and wall cleaning and € 550 for funds only.

An efficient and cheaper option

If you are looking for good functions and do not spend a lot of money to get them, you may need the pool robot Hayward Magic Clean. It is a suitable pool cleaner model for flat bottom pools.It is a good quality and high performance option.It works hydraulic connected to the filtration system without the need for battery or electric cables. This pool robot aspires from microscopic dust to tree leaves. Its price is around € 270.

A clean autonomous fund

The manual pool robot QP MAX POOL BLASTER It does not require any connection to the power grid or to the sewage hose. It works with a battery that gives it one autonomy of more than one hour Enough for a complete cleaning. It has a 20 cm head and includes a brush and an efficient telescopic handle to reach all corners of your pool well. Its price is around € 250.

What do you think about the tips to choose the most suitable pool robot? I hope it helps you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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