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How to choose the perfect flower vase

Putting flowers in a vase might seem something simple enough that you don’t need to think about too much, right? Well, nothing further from reality. Knowing how to choose the perfect flower vase is an important aspect of the wonderful art of flower arrangements.

In this sense, it will be necessary to go a little beyond personal taste: this does not mean giving up what you like. There is a wide variety of flower vases in terms of size and colors. Whether tall, round, square or with sinuous shapes, in this article we will guide you in your choice.

Another factor to consider, in addition to the type of flower arrangement, is the position in which the vase will be placed. For example, a large tall glass vase must occupy an important place, as a protagonist, and we must ensure that we reserve enough space to achieve this purpose.

If, on the contrary, and depending on the type of flowers, we opt for a low vase, we should make sure that it does not disappear in the place we have chosen. Sometimes it is advisable to opt for a trio of the same style of vase, if the space to be filled is large and the vase is not too important. Let’s see then how to choose the perfect flower vase.

How to choose the perfect flower vase

Choose the vase

If you like to create your own flower arrangements on your own, it would be good to know all the types of vases and their function. Indeed, this would be a nice excuse to go around the shops and markets, as well as to buy some beautiful and fragrant fresh flowers.

From tall, square and round vases to vases bud, everyone can find their place and their perfect aesthetics if we know how to use them correctly. As for materials, our favorites are glass, although you will find vases in many other materials, such as ceramics, wood and even plastic.

The vases bud

White vase

This type of vase differs from the rest because its shapes are very narrow at the top, in the form of a more or less elongated bottle neck. A design bud it is the perfect vase for simple floral compositions, for delicate stems or, simply, for small gems.

The vases bud they are not suitable for holding large flowers. Flower arrangements for vases bud they are limited to small twigs and always without overloading the vase. Ideally, you could place a single stem per vase and, if they have a flower, it should be very small and delicate.

The perfect compositions for vases bud (or budies, as they are colloquially called) are those of eucalyptus, gypsophila, wild lily or small ranunculus stems. They are perfect in environments furnished in a minimalist style.

The perfect vase: square in shape

How to choose the perfect flower vase: cylindrical vases

At the forefront, contemporary and classy: the square vases are less common than the other types and you can find them of medium height, even if there are also very tall square vases. A square vase is perfect for a classic contemporary decoration.

The difficulty with this type of vase is that it does not have a neck and the organization of the flower arrangement is a little more laborious. Their simple lines must be contrasted with elaborate compositions. This is why the square vases emphasize flowers.

For this reason, they are ideal with colorful and abundant bouquets. They are perfect if the volume of the stems occupies the entire interior of the vase. They are ideal for bouquets of tulips, violets, hydrangeas or anemones.

The round vases

How to choose the perfect flower vase

Let’s examine now the most classic vases ever: those with a round shape. Most have a slight bulge at the neck, perfect for keeping the flower arrangement organized. It is like the vase holding the bouquet by holding it alone with one hand.

It is the perfect vase for bouquets of flowers that have fine stems and large flowers and floral arrangements that combine various types of flowers.

You can also find them in the shape of a bowl, round but without neck. In this case the vase also admits loose and compact branches. Round jars are perfect for bouquets of peonies, carnations or roses.

The tall vases

Tall flower vase with peonies

They are very tall and as such are used for very long-stemmed flowers. This type of vase offers very elegant and sophisticated results. Therefore, it is convenient that the flowers are also sophisticated.

The size of the flower is not so important, but we need the stems to be longer than the vase. Ideal for long-stemmed roses or gladioli, tall vases are also perfect for sunflowers or long-stemmed lilies. Be careful not to overdo the number of flowers: three are usually enough.

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