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How to create the festoon of bright stars

I love to invite friends and family on summer evenings, a perfect opportunity to organize aperitifs and dinners! I thought of creating a festoon of colored stars which, as if by magic, will light up as evening falls, making the atmosphere unique and special!


  • pressed cardboard (you can recover the packaging of cereals, pasta and rice)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • awl (available in any hardware store)
  • acrylic water color
  • phosphorescent paint (eg Pebeo Phosporescent Gel Blue)
  • brush
  • string

How you do it

  1. On the pressed cardboard he draws three stars about 11×11 cm in size and two stars about 6×6 cm in size. You can make them regular or irregular, as you prefer depending on your taste.
  2. Cut the stars with the scissors. Drill a hole on a point of each star using the awl (to avoid damaging the work surface, place the cardboard on a piece of wood or cardboard).
  3. Paint the stars with the acrylic color you have chosen.
  4. Pass several layers of phosphorescent paint, allowing it to dry well between layers.
  5. When you’re done, thread the string through the holes, starting with a large star and alternating with small ones.
  6. Hang your garland on the terrace!

Two tips for you: the phosphorescent paint works well if it manages to capture the direct sunlight, so it positions the festoon where it can stand a little in the sun during the day. In addition, the festoon must remain sheltered from the rain, because it is made of cardboard and when wetted it would break.

Now your terrace will be even more beautiful on summer evenings, imagine the magic while you are curled up on a deckchair to admire the spectacle of shooting stars … make a wish!

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