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How to decorate a room

How to decorate a room

Decorating rooms does not have to be a complicated task. With simple tricks you can make your bedroom look spectacular and unique. Here you will find images and many ideas of how to decorate a room, to inspire you and encourage you to renew yours.

Whether you have just moved to a new home or because you want to make a change to your old bedroom, you will need some ideas to achieve a design that stands out.

Choose the style

You must define which style is the one you like the most and with which you will feel most comfortable. The bedroom is the place where your body and mind should rest, a space where you can relax and recover the energy lost during the day. This concept should be reflected when decorating this environment, whatever style you choose.


In general, the vintage style means decorating with furniture, fabrics, accessories and colors that were popular decades ago, in particular, the styles of the 40s and 50s. Technically, however, the term ┬╗vintage┬╗ refers to any article that have more than 20 years, but less than 100.

It is a style that facilitates showing creativity, in a peculiar and individualistic way, informal but a bit romantic, versatile and economical. That is the beauty of a room decorated with vintage objects.

The headboard of this bed is an old window, adapted and hung. An economical vintage solution. It is one of the styles that are fashionable today.

The antique furniture looks very nice painted in bright colors like white or light blue.


Although the style of eclectic decoration is characterized by having a certain lack of rules and the concept that “anything goes”, it must be done correctly, following certain general guidelines, using the color, shape, texture or style to unite all the appearance in a harmonious environment.

Therefore, if the decoration is composed of a mixture of mismatched pieces and without a clear underlying thread, then it is not really an eclectic style, it is just a disaster.

Everything is allowed in these eclectic, original and aesthetically appealing bedrooms without losing functionality. You will undoubtedly find inspiration.

You can put your personal touch to your bedroom, simply with small details that make the difference. These beautiful cushions you can make them yourself, simply using a nice fabric.

Finding a reversible and pleasing duvet cover is sometimes not an easy task and they are also quite expensive. You can make your own perfect combination with two simple sheets.


A simple but extremely elegant bedroom. This beautiful bed should be unique, since it was made with old woods found in India, the pieces were part of a roof. The neutral colors, the rustic wall in shades of ocher, the bedspread, all contribute to create a calm atmosphere and offer the ideal setting, to enhance the ethnic pieces that complement the set.

For example, here we see an African ethnic style bedroom.


The important thing to keep in mind in a modern design is that the form follows the function. That is to say that everything that contains a modern bedroom must be functional, of course with some accessories, but clutter and accumulation is what you have to avoid at all costs.

What differentiates modern style from other popular styles is the use of clean lines and neutral background tones that are offset by bright colors and abstract designs, which will be used for accessories and lighting.

The modern bedrooms are characterized by having few elements, those necessary to make it comfortable and functional but never too ornate. It is best to opt for sobriety by choosing furniture with contemporary and simple lines, leaving striking colors for bedding, curtains, lamps or carpets.


Along with a common culture and language, the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark share a light, spacious, simple and clean decoration style. No wonder the Scandi style is popular all over the world, not just in the cold north.


The minimalist bedrooms are stripped of unnecessary accessories but also look comfortable and comfortable.

Instead of a header, you can add several pictures or photos above the bed.

Choose the colors

Neutrals with touches of color

The key to animating a neutral room is to illuminate it using different shades of the same color. In a pale room, a blue blanket like this has a strong impact. The golden lamps contrast with the blue, while the cushions reiterate the shades of blue that are in the blanket.

In nuances of sky blue, with beige accents, a very delicate and serene combination. The pink detail of the flowers provides the necessary warm note.

Soft colors accentuated by a few decorative elements, join the simplicity and linear purity of the furniture, to create a modern urban style and stripped in this bedroom.

Earth tones

This bedroom handles a color scheme of earth tones, golds, oranges, browns that make this room feel sunny even on cloudy days or warm and enveloping at night. This combination of colors is timeless, with lots of wood and a rug that gives life to the whole.

Green, beige and brown are warm tones that look good together, although they are not traditional colors for bedrooms, which can encourage you to create your own combinations.

Different shades of gray

Decorating with different shades of gray and minimalist furniture you get a simple and modern bedroom.

A neutral space, a white bed allows us to add an accent of bright color, important lamps.

White beige and gray

A sober and modern master bedroom, white, beige and gray is always a good combination.

Given the growing demand for ecological things, any aspect of your dream room can now fall into the category of ecological, either by bedding made of 100% natural materials, wood furniture obtained from sustainable forests, carpets of natural fibers, etc. without for that reason stop being chic and elegant.

Black and white

This color combination is ideal for sensual and elegant bedrooms.


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