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How to make a dreamcatcher mobile for the cradle

Your child deserves the best. Especially at an early age, all he needs is entertainment and distraction. How about making a toy for him? We show you how make a dreamcatcher mobile for the cradle of your newborn.

A dreamcatcher mobile, in addition to performing its main function which is to entertain your child, also serves for decoration. Then it will be better to adapt to the design of the baby’s bedroom.

Make a dreamcatcher mobile for the cradle it is not complicated: just a little imagination and we are sure that, taking into consideration the style of the bedroom, you will get a fun and good quality toy. Your child will reward you with his smiles.

What is a dreamcatcher mobile?

The dreamcatcher mobile for the cradle has many years of history. It has always had an entertainment purpose, but it also serves for decoration.

It consists of a structure with elements suspended on the cradle, be they bows, cords or fabrics in order to entertain the baby with animals, characters, planets, etc.

Dreamcatcher mobile

It is usually hung on the cradle within the reach of the child: the movement generated by the dream catcher intrigues the newborn. Without a doubt, it is a very simple object to make, but some steps will need to be followed.

– Everything is very difficult before it is simple. –

–Thomas Fuller–

Step 1: the choice of materials

First of all, it must be clear what materials will be used. In fact, it will be much easier to have everything ready on the table to proceed smoothly. What materials should we use?

  • Two wooden or plastic rods: they will serve to realize the structure in which the suspended elements (ropes, bows …) will be hung. The dimensions must be half a meter each. A hanger can also be used.
  • Ropes: will serve to position the decorative motifs, so that they are in motion. A rope can be cut into several parts, each half a meter. For best results, each string must be of a different color.
  • Decorative motifs: they will be placed at the end of the rope. They can be animals, planets, stars, balls, etc. The material to make them can be: foam rubber, felt, wool or any other fabric.
Rattles mobile

As you may have noticed, these are a few simple elements: in fact, Creating a dreamcatcher mobile for the cradle is very simple and inexpensive.

Step 2: mounting the dreamcatcher mobile

To assemble your dreamcatcher mobile, it is necessary to follow a series of steps but without using the glue: needle and thread will suffice. Next, we will proceed to tie the ropes.

  • First, place the wooden shafts in the shape of an “X”, joining both with a knot in the center.
  • Next, sew the decorative motifs of the animals onto each of the strings or threads. In this way we will guarantee a lasting hold.
  • Subsequently, tie the strings or wires to each of the wooden rods.
  • All ropes can be left of the same size or at different heights, depending on your preference.
  • Finally, the dreamcatcher mobile can be hung above the cradle. Of course, it is essential to calculate the height well so that the baby can play with it.
Little sheep rattles

As you can see, making a dreamcatcher mobile is not complicated at all: you will only have to give vent to the imagination and choose the decorative motifs that you like most. Usually those with animals are the favorites.

Step 3: combination with decoration

Finally, hang the dreamcatcher mobile at the cradle and check that it moves easily and that there is no danger of falling. It is important to consider that the baby can touch it and hit it with its feet.

Of course, you can match the dreamcatcher mobile with the rest of the bedroom elements. When choosing colors, keep in mind that they must be in harmony with the rest of the decoration. Let us not forget that in addition to being a toy it is a decorative object.

Colors like the blue of the sky, light green, white, salmon and pink are ideal for the baby’s bedroom because they convey tranquility. Moreover, they are easy to match even with darker shades like orange.

How to make a dreamcatcher mobile for the cradle

Your child deserves the best. Especially at an early age, all he needs is entertainment and distraction. How about making a toy for him?...

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