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How to make a reform to gain space in a small flat

If you have a small house and you are thinking of changing it completely, the following article interests you and a lot. We will give you the essential keys to undertake a reform to gain space. It is not just about updating the decoration, or doing works to renovate facilities and others. Is about provide solutions to gain space meters. Keep reading and take note.

reform to gain space

Living in a small house is the order of the day. Given the price that apartments have in large cities, whether to buy or rent, most people have a disbursement more than important to pay for our home. If your house is owned and you think that It needs a complete renovation, Today we are going to tell you some ideas to keep in mind when making a reform to gain space. Do you want to know how? We tell you!

In addition to thinking about new materials, changing facilities and coatings, now is the time to pose how you can gain space In your small flat.

Remove partitions in a reform to gain space

We have already told you about open concept or, what is the same, of a diaphanous conception of space. This way of understanding the interiors, in which the partitions are reduced to the maximum and it is committed to an open floor, it is especially suitable for small houses.

When space is not enough, rather the opposite, solutions are imposed that provide a Greater feeling of spaciousness. As for example, the idea of ​​having an American kitchen, open to the living room. It may not be all advantages, that it has some drawbacks, but it is an effective way to visually expand the space. And how!

When it comes to putting this idea into practice, you will have to value details and decorative aspects They help. Like, for example, choosing kitchen furniture in colors and finishes that harmonize with your living room.

For the rest, if you don’t want to eliminate the partitions completely, bet on the iron and glass panels, So in vogue lately.

Integration, in your favor

In a small house To integrate is to succeed. Especially if it’s the doors, especially those that we can’t do without. In that case, it is best to paint them the same color as the wall, to try to make them go as unnoticed as possible.

And the same goes for larger pieces of furniture, such as bookstores. If putting one from floor to ceiling is a success since multiply the storage capacity, It is a good idea to paint it the color of the wall to make it integrate better. We will not hide it completely (nor do we pretend), but we will lighten its visual weight. The result will be much less overwhelming.

Take advantage of every inch

One of the advantages of putting yourself in the hands of professionals is that they will think about aspects that you will not think of. What will they bring specific ideas for your home They will really be very valuable. Therefore, if you want to make a reform to gain space, you should consider the possibility of turn to an interior designer or a specialized architect in this type of projects.

When space is limited, Taking advantage of every inch is crucial. Thus, a wall gap between two pillars can become a perfect closet. Or the back of the headboard can serve as a storage area. We can replace the floor or table lamps with sconces, etc.

Bet on custom furniture

We already know that they are not the most economical solution, but if you want to make a reform to gain space, the custom furniture They are an alternative to consider. It is best to allocate a part of the budget to this item and rely on the criteria of a good professional to help us find the most appropriate solutions to our needs.

From custom cabinets to take advantage of every inch, to folding tables that fold when they are not needed, passing through multifunction furniture with various uses, etc. Everything has a place in a reform to gain space.

Consider the vertical dimension

Don’t just think about space at ground level. Think of the best way to take advantage of the height of the walls, and surely you find more of a great idea. Like raising a shelf from floor to ceiling. Or place a shelf on the doors in which to place storage boxes. Or choose kitchen cabinets that reach the ceiling and thus gain storage space.

As for the colors, and although you already know that white is the brightest tone and that expands the spaces, that does not mean that you have to paint your house white from top to bottom. Nor do you have to do without intense colors and personality.

The key to getting it right is take as a base a color palette that includes bright tones and some intense color in specific areas to create decorative contrasts.

If you follow these guidelines, you will succeed in bringing your reform to gain space.

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