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How to take care of wooden floors

Many think that taking care of wooden floors is complicated and expensive. Certainly it is true that this beautiful material requires more attention than, for example, ceramic or porcelain stoneware, but nothing that is not more than feasible.

Taking care of wooden floors is not at all difficult if you know the right techniques to do it. Keep reading this article to find out what they are!

Characteristics of wooden floors

take care of wooden floors

Wood is the most used natural material in the construction and decoration of our homes for centuries. Currently, wooden floors are considered a symbol of elegance and warmth within a home.

One of the main problems with wooden floors is that we are dealing with a rather delicate material. For example, it is easily scratched, which is why it is important to wax often and spend a little extra money to keep it at its best.

However, it is undeniable that houses with wooden floors give a completely different impression, both for guests and owners. They make you want to take off your shoes and admire their beauty up close. Naturally, this luxury requires costs to be analyzed well before choosing which type of floor we want.

Tips for taking care of wooden floors

Have you just moved into a house with wooden floors or are you thinking of changing the flooring in your home? Surely the first thought that scares you is that wood floors are difficult to maintain.

Although it is true that they require some special attention, the effect will be extraordinary. Some specific treatments will be enough to make the wood look like new.

1. To take care of wooden floors, keep an eye on the humidity

moisture on the wood

Unlike ceramic floors, wood absorbs the humidity of the environment as well as water or liquids that can spill onto the floor. To prevent the wood from cracking or cracking, the ideal is to maintain an internal humidity of around 35-60% throughout the year. Get a humidifier or anti-humidity devices, as appropriate.

2. Periodic maintenance to take care of wooden floors

take care of wooden floors

Wooden floors require at least weekly maintenance (there are those who claim that they should be cleaned every other day). Sweep or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, sand or dirt. After that pass a dry floor brush.

Furthermore, it is advisable to carry out a deeper cleaning once a week. with special products for wooden floors (usually those with a neutral pH). Remember to always dry well to avoid stains from moisture.

3. Beware of sunlight

attention to the light on the parquet

This is not only true for outdoor wooden floors, since even inside the house can filter sunlight through doors or windows, risking damage to your floors. To avoid it, we advise you to apply curtains or even special glasses that can filter UV rays.

4. Paint once or twice a year

take care of wooden floors

Wood floors must be fed or hydrated with specific products. There are special paints to ensure that the material is preserved as on the first day.

Keep in mind that floors treated with oils must be fed with wax or floor oils, while to clean them you can choose oil-based soaps.

5. Fix imperfections


Day after day your wooden floor could accumulate “war wounds”, especially if you have children or pets at home. A good way to eliminate the signs is by using a touch-up pen that you can buy in specialized shops and that will help you hide minor scratches. Choose the one of the color that best suits the original and you will have solved the problem.

If the floor has holes or cracks, it will be necessary to use wood putty, then sandpaper it and finally paint it.

To ensure that your wooden floors are kept in an excellent condition for a long time, we recommend that you do not walk in the house with your heels, that your children do not play with cars or with the ball inside the house and apply curtains that filter the passage of the sun inside.

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