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How to transform the bedroom into 5 moves

If the time has come to transform the nursery of the child into a real bedroom it can be difficult to decide how to organize and decorate the space.

In addition to having comfortable and functional areas (the bedroom area, the study, the containers for clothes and accessories …) the bedroom must be fun, a space that welcomes and accompanies the child during the growth stages.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind for the restyling of the bedroom.

  1. Make it functional. Think about what activities the child will do in her room as well as sleep. Fill in a detailed list: all will have to be given the right space. For example, for girls who start school, a desk and a small bookcase will certainly be needed. Larger kids will need a space to accommodate their girlfriends: even casual seating like pillows, ottomans and rugs will be perfect. Vice versa little girls will play and run a lot and they will need free spaces without too much furniture.
  2. Plenty of storage space. Children need space to hold games and clothing: wardrobe, chest of drawers, bookcase. Well-defined furnishings so that everything has a designated space. In this way, already as children, they will learn to keep their bedroom in order.
  3. Decorate without overdoing it. It is likely, if not certain, that the child’s tastes will change over time. If today, for example, he goes crazy for unicorns, it is possible that in two years he will not even want to hear his name. Choose. elements that personalize the room according to the child’s taste and that can be easily removed without having to completely review the room. It therefore favors interchangeable decorations and neutral furnishings.
  4. No TV and in-room technology. Recent medical studies affirm that TV, videogames and computers in the bedroom increase the risk of obesity, disturbed sleep and lead to less school performance.
  5. Designing together. Living the experience of transforming the bedroom can be a truly special moment for the whole family. Choosing the furniture together, defining the colors of the walls, the decorations and listening to the child’s proposals is a great way to create lasting memories, precious over time.

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