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Ideas for shared bathrooms

We continue the week with inspiration from shared bathrooms. We refer to those that integrate furniture with two sinks. This design of bathroom furniture seems perfect for couples and families. So bath time doesn’t turn into hell. If you have the possibility of adding two breasts to your bathroom, don’t think about it. Here we show you some photographs of environments from which you can take examples.

Ideas for bathrooms with two sinks and shared bathrooms

And also more information about shared bathrooms. Because lately they have become fashionable to share a bathroom between two rooms. And of this special distribution we also have many things to tell you. Then!

Ideas for shared bathrooms

We hope you liked these ideas for bathrooms with two sinks, or what is the same, together but not scrambled. We all need our own space and the bathroom is no exception. Take note of these environments to organize the distribution of your new bathroom or your renovation.

Ideas for shared bathroomsIdeas for shared bathroomsIdeas for shared bathroomsIdeas for shared bathroomsIdeas for shared bathroomsIdeas for shared bathroomsIdeas for shared bathroomsIdeas for shared bathroomsIdeas for shared bathroomsIdeas for shared bathroomsIdeas for shared bathrooms

Shared bathroom for two rooms

A bathroom shared by two rooms is a great idea for children’s rooms. While it is true that in Spain this distribution is not usually used, much less in small apartments or apartments due to lack of clear space. Yes we found this proposal in the renovation of homes, or in new housing projects such as single-family homes or chalets. Also in television programs, hence we have been curious. Generally the bathroom is located in the middle of the two rooms and has two accesses. We show you photos of environments and also plans to inspire you. And we comment them! If you are planning a comprehensive reform of your home, consider this idea.

Shared bathroom for two roomsShared bathroom for two roomsShared bathroom for two roomsShared bathroom for two rooms

It is not essential but it is highly recommended that your shared bathroom for two rooms have two bathroom furniture or one with two sinks, as you can see in the photographs above.

Shared bathroom for two rooms

This distribution is the most common with entrance through the area of ​​the toilets and shared use of the shower and toilet. In my ideal house, the door between the water and the bathtub would be left over. Although it is a point in favor that the toilet is independent.

Shared bathroom for two rooms

This other arrangement takes advantage of the space very efficiently by adding entrance to the dressing room through the sink area. I like that the space to be shared (bath and toilet) is separated with doors, so that each room has even more privacy.

Shared bathroom for two rooms

And here another way to distribute a shared bathroom with entrance through two rooms.

Shared bathroom for two rooms

This last integration is fabulous because it adds a bathroom from nowhere, in very little space.

Adding a bathroom for common use with two rooms, or reforming an existing one and converting it into a shared bathroom, is not a trench, it is a major work in which many things have to be taken into account. That is why we advise you to hire a professional who will guide you throughout the project.

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