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15 ideas to reuse all kinds of materials

Recycled materials are a good opportunity to unleash the imagination and create unique, personalized and very (very) creative toys. Cardboard boxes, cans, used boats … everything serves as raw material to create. In addition, toys with recycled material are a good way to convey to the smallest of the house the importance of reusing and betting on a more responsible consumption. Beware of these 17 ideas!

1. Cardboard car circuit

With a little cardboard and felt, you can create a very complete and cool car circuit. Buckets, trucks, motorcycles … anything, the limit is your imagination!

Car circuit

2. Table football with a box

This idea freaks us out. You just have to take a shoebox, open two holes at the sides as a goal, place some sticks in which the tweezers will go, and voila! You just need to throw the ball and play. A superoriginal table football 🙂

Cardboard table football

3. Snake with cork

This snake made with cork chips is great. And above all, easy! It is simply crossed by a red thread, which is knotted to accommodate each cork, and which ultimately serves as a tongue. Grab a pencil to paint your eyes … and you already have a pet. How about?

Cork snake

4. Toy guitar with recycled material

For music lovers, there are also options to make a toy with superchulo recycled material. If you do not believe it, look at this guitar created with a cardboard box, some threads and a tube, also made of cardboard. There are no excuses to create 🙂

Guitar made with recycled materials

5. Cork house

We continue with the possibilities offered by cork, and we can not like it more. It is a miniature house, full of details. Those who like to do projects that require patience and dedication are sure you love this idea.

Cork recycled house

6. Toy robot with recycled material

This idea is the perfect sign that mixtures can work out well. Take everything you find: pieces of cardboard, two rolls of cardboard, loose buttons, a can of food … Because you’re about to create a most curious robot!

Robot with a can

7. Recycled puppet

When you think of toys with recycled material do you think of non-aesthetic toys? Look at this option. A fox puppet, made with cardboard, a cardboard tube, strings, a pair of plugs and two straws to play with. You like?

Recycled puppet

8. Little train made with caps and cardboard

Travelers to the train! A very easy idea for the little ones in the house to play to take the train to the station, while they learn the importance of recycling. Of course, it is made with caps and cardboard 🙂

Cardboard train

9. Boats turned into dolls

We believe that it is, of all the ideas of recycled toys, the one we like the most. Because it takes full advantage of an object to give it a new use. They are boats! Gel, shampoo … turned into dolls, simply painting eyes, nose and mouth. Easier? Impossible!

Dolls made with boats

10. Toy cars with cardboard tubes

Do you want to play racing and you don’t have cars? You only need tubes of toilet paper, marker and cardboard, to make fun and colorful vehicles. Also, if you make them an opening in the center, you can put dolls!

Recycled cars

11. Recycled toys with cans: homemade drums

What can you do with balloons and tin cans? We leave you a few seconds to think about it… Can’t you think of it? Well, we give you the idea, some drums! Decorate them with cardboard, paint … whatever you prefer, and let them begin to sound!

Drums with cans

12. Cardboard kitchenette

Look! We encourage you to create your own kitchen oven made entirely of cardboard. In addition, you can recreate food with a bit of felt, like this super-delicious pizza. Would you do it

Recycled kitchen

13. Toy photo camera

Pay attention. This cardboard toy photo camera aims at a gel bottle cap! Attach a strap and decorate it with colored masking tape, the details in a marker … and ready!

Toy photo camera

14. Puppy made with cans

Can’t you have a pet at home? Maybe the solution is to create your own puppy 🙂 This one is made with pieces of tin, and plastic caps. It is a very funny idea, surely children love it. How about?

Toy dog

15. Game of 3 in a row

With a few simple stones and gauze, you can create a very beautiful 3 in a row. For each opponent’s pieces, you can take the inspiration you want to decorate. In this idea, they have chosen to put animated faces. What would you choose? 🙂

3 in line with stones

What do you think of these ideas to create toys with recycled material? Do you still want to continue giving the imagination? Toys can also be a great decorative object, if you don’t believe it, look at different ways to decorate with toys. Tell us in comments!

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