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7 Easy ideas to improve your home for little money

Do you want to keep all the spaces of your house a day? Well, to get it you don’t need to make large and expensive reforms. Just apply some simple ideas to improve your home almost effortlessly and for very little money. Here are some suggestions to get inspired.

improve the house

If you want your spaces to always seem new and current, you will have to keep them always ready, current and renewed. And to get it you just need to do it once in a while little changes They will help you improve your home in an incredible way. In fact, some of the ideas we are going to tell you today have really amazing effects. Discover them!

Change the curtains to improve your homeimprove the house

Heavy falls, bushy blinds and uncomfortable going up and down, patterned curtains that you don’t like anymore … Finish all the above and decide for A lighter and brighter option. Hang curtains on your windows and let the daylight in.

Not only will you give your spaces a completely new air (You can’t imagine how your room will change with this simple gesture). In addition, the space will be brighter and that is a success, facing the coming autumn. Without a doubt, a great idea to improve your home.

This change will not be a great investment, since you find curtain rods and curtains of quality fabrics at a very good price.

A brand new piece of furniture with a little paint

improve the house

Are you tired of seeing that dark cupboard in your living room and want to sell it in Wallapop? Maybe you can give it another chance if you paint it with a more current color. Light gray is a good option, it is modern and lighter. You will see what change!

You just have to choose an acrylic paint, as it is easier to use and cleaner. Protect the glass with bodybuilder tape, sand the surface of the furniture a little and give it two hands of paint allowing it to dry very well. You will have a new piece of furniture for a few euros.

In the bathroom, new countertop

improve the house

The countertop of the sink It can be easily changed without having to renew the bathroom completely. It will be enough that you line it with wood of the finish and color that you like the most. Order a wooden board of little thickness (approximately 1.5 mm) and of the appropriate size, and paste it with a specific adhesive. Then reinstall the sink in place. Ready!

Vintage lamps for a renewed light

Change the sconces or lamps Any room is an accurate way to improve the house. The problem is that it can be expensive, especially if we choose special lamps, with personality.

However, we can always install a new wall lamp in a corner of the room, or a couple in the bathroom on both sides of the mirror. That alternative is more affordable and will give a completely new touch to your home.

Update the kitchen faucet

Choosing quality faucets for the kitchen and bathroom is a good idea, since they will last a long time. Despite this, there comes a time when they break down, or no longer work like the first day. If this is your case, decide to change the kitchen faucet, For example, and it will be a way to improve your home.

Do not go for the most exclusive models on the market. You will find a wide repertoire of quality kitchen faucets at a reasonable price. Now special finishes are trending: gold, matte black, etc.

Shooters to the last

And so that the change in your kitchen is complete, without leaving you a pasture, you can change the handles of the cupboards. Choose, for example, a modern and current model in golden finish (to match your sensational tap) and you will see how your kitchen will look like another.

This idea can not be simpler and faster to implement, and also, with very little budget.

The magic of wallpaper

Do you want a brand new bathroom? Well, decide for wallpaper one of its walls. For this you don’t have to remove the old tiles. Just apply a leveling paste before putting on the wallpaper. You will have to make the wall as smooth as possible, and let it dry completely.

You just have to wallpaper as if it were a normal wall. Of course, choose a vinyl type wallpaper that is able to withstand moisture. That way it won’t take off and you can enjoy it for a long time.

As you can see, these ideas are very easy and cheap. With them you can improve your home in a remarkable way, and almost without effort. Which one did you find most interesting?

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