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Integral reform at home: where to start? And then?

You decided make a comprehensive reform at home and you don’t know what steps you have to follow? First, arm yourself with patience and don’t get carried away by stress. Today we give you some guidelines so you can establish a correct order when planning the work.

comprehensive reform at home

If you are thinking of doing a comprehensive renovation at home, or better if you have already decided to go on an adventure, the best thing you can do is relax. Take a deep breath, grab paper and pencil, and get ready to draw up an action plan effective to help you in the process.

It may seem repetitive, but I think it’s one of the best tips I can give you right now. Now the decisive thing is to plan, plan and then … plan. Only with well-thought things will you manage to keep chaos away, once the works begin and the unforeseen events arise (which will arise, do not hesitate). However, with a very clear order of the tasks to be performed, everything will be much easier.

It is true that, what we would really like is to leave a home season and come back when everything is over. And that everything is perfect, just as we wanted. But the reality is usually different.

When we undertake a comprehensive reform at home, even if we do not do any of the work personally, It is mandatory that we are aware of everything, If we want the thing to end well. Here you have a guide to know in what order the works are to be done, and be aware of everything.

The bathroom, the starting point for a comprehensive home renovation

When it comes to reforming the whole house from top to bottom, it might seem that order is not important. Nothing is further from reality! It is, and a lot. If we undertake the work without order or concert, it may happen that we spoil more than one finished task and that this has to be repeated later.

The logical order when starting the integral reform at home, is to do it By the bathroom. This is a space independent from the rest of the house, in terms of cladding, flooring, etc. In fact, the reform of the bathroom does not have to affect the rest of domestic spaces.

As for the plan of action in the bathroom, we should start with tear down the existing removing sanitary ware and old coatings. Then the plumbing work and new facilities, if any. Then the wall and floor coverings, the shower tray and the toilets and, finally, the furniture.

Anyway, and although you should know the order to follow, good reform professionals know perfectly how things should be done and in what order. Trusting them will be a good decision.

The kitchen, the next step

Once the bathroom is finished, The kitchen is the next stay on the list. It is also independent of the rest of the house, in terms of floor and wall coverings. After the demolition of tiles and others, and putting the necessary facilities, it would be necessary to lay the tiles on the walls (in case of carrying them) and the pavement. The furniture and countertop would be placed at the end.

A separate case is the kitchens open to the living room. In them, the reform has to be undertaken together with this other space, since surely they will share the same aesthetic As for the floor and the walls.

Change pavements

After having completely remodeled the bathroom and kitchen, it is time to continue with the rest of the house. This will start with the floor of the whole house, that has to be changed together. Buying all the material at once will avoid problems (models that run out, slight variations in tinting, etc.).

In the event that the floors are made of wood or of more delicate materials than ceramics or stone, we must be careful with the rest of the works (and urge those who perform them to be also).

Carpentry and windows

When a comprehensive renovation is done at home, the usual thing is that the doors and windows are also changed. In this case, we must wait to have the final floor, since the height or, rather, the thickness of the new pavement influences the doors and the cabinets.

When the interior carpentry has already been changed, it is the turn of the windows. Actually, today’s professionals are able to change house windows without just spoiling the walls. However, it is better to do this work in advance of the painting phase.

Finally the walls

The last step in the integral reform at home is the renovation of ceilings and walls, either with paint or with other procedures and materials. You might want wallpaper some wall. Or maybe make a medium-height frieze.

Be that as it may, until the pavement, carpentry, etc. work is finished, ceilings and walls should not begin to be painted. Wallpaper must be the last.

Now you can finish Integral reform at home. An equally exciting stage begins at this time: that of giving life to spaces, decorating them and recreating in them the interior design that defines your character and your way of being. Enjoy it!

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